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Author's note: Recently my friend told me there was pong Fanfiction, This is my interpretation of what it would be like.

It's a cruel world we live in, one full of sadistic and evil games. Every time it's played, an innocent soul is tortured and lost forever, Just so that the cruel game continues. You enjoy this game, you think it's harmless, you were wrong. You would know this horrible game as Pong.

The Balls they use for playing are constantly in fear. They have families and lives, but those are both just tossed aside like they are nothing. One is selected to be the ball, and the friends and family say their goodbyes. The ball is then dragged into the arena, as two people break him and kill him. It starts with him in the middle, waiting for his slow and horrible death. He then flies one direction, then he is hit with a board. Now going the other way he is hit by the second board. This cycle continues as the ball becomes deformed and destroyed. The pixels hide the violence, and beyond what you see from the screen is the friends and family watching in horror. Then eventually one misses the hit, and the ball is lost in the void. They don't even give the luxury of a Proper funeral.

Then the cycle starts again, and another is picked to die. There is no one to blame for this but yourself. And you should be ashamed.

Written by SuperZeffa
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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