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One day i wanted to play Portal, but i heard the new version was out. Portal: Cake version. I went to GameNOW to get a game, now.

I went to the store and said: "Give me a game or i kill you in your sleep." The merchant gave me a game. It was called Portal: Cake. So i jumped and froze in the air of hapiness.

When i got home, i put the disc in and the game started. It started out good but then CAKEXXXXX popped out. It was a cake with a smile, some mustache, a knife and what was worst: NO FROSTING!!!!!!!OR CANDLES!!!!!!!!!!! So i crapped myself. I went to level 1 and i found the Yummy Drones when i got the Plate Gun. So i shot a Plate at a Yummy Drone and ate it. I finished the level after some random 2 hours of filling up space. I went to level 2 and i saw a Yummy Drone hit me with its WHIP CREAM LAUNCHER!I died and had to start over while i was thinking "NOW THEY GOT WHIP CREAM?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?In rage i farted and the level blew up. Level 3 time. Too lazy to name all the levels.

Instead of the usual GLAdOS i fought UCEMDFRTADORT (Ultimate Cake Eating Machine Designed For Random Things And Destroying Random Things.) So i killed it with clever use of destroying its Delicious Core with the Toilet Launcher. And i said: "YOU KILLED THE CAKE! Now you must DIE!" And i pwnd it, and we all lived happily ever after until i farted from all the cake of the Core i ate. So everyone didnt live happily ever after!

Written by XtremeGamer297
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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