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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

You know the drill. But in case you don't...

No Jeff stuff. No Slendy vs./meets (trollpasta character here). No "gay" jokes. No all-caps entries. Keep gross-out jokes to a minimum. Don't use anything that's on then Jeff lists. No repeating entries (read the whole list before adding yours to make sure it isn't there already.) And above all, make them funny!


Slenderman eats a Taco

Slenderman bakes a cake

Slenderman gets his eyes checked (wait, he has eyes?)

Slenderman Contemplates His Navel (wait, he has a BELLYBUTTON?!)

Slenderman Goes to The Doctors

Slenderman joins EHarmony

Slenderman discoveres Fire

Slender man chases his shadow

Slenderman vs. Jack Skellington

Slender Man Eats Himself.

Slenderman meets The Queen

Slenderman Becomes a Teacher

Slenderman Tries to Feel on Jane; gets Assassinated by Jeff

Slendy's Triple Nipple

Slenderman looks at himself in the mirror.

Slenderman Pops The Balloonatic

Slendy's Midget Fetish

Slendy Rides A Waterslide

Slenderman Licks A Toad

Slenderman eats too many McDonalds-eating children and becomes Fatman

Slenderman Skips Around Like A Little Girl

Slenderman gets a job as a mannaquin

Slenderman plays Slender

Slenderman gets a spray-on tan

Slenderman goes Trick r' Treating

Slenderman does motivational speaking

Slenderman creates a Youtube channel

Slenderman Goes To Therapy

Slenderman The Comedian

Slenderman stars in Epic Rap Battles of History

Slenderman dances in Dancing with the Stars

Slenderman becomes a Nickelodeon Intern

Slendy Becomes A Proffessional Clown

Slendy Drinks The Entire Red Sea

Slendy Eats An Entire Wedding Cake

Slendy does a little soft-shoe.

Slenderman goes to China; Hu Jintal Disappears 2 Days Later

Slenderman Was Once A Mouse

Slendy Gets Gas

Slenderman Struggles To Use Chopsticks

Slenderman Burps

Slenderman's BBQ Battle With Jeff

Slenderman Plays American Football

Slenderman Pats The Bunny

Slenderman's Dance Mania!!!

Slenderman Jumps Around Like An Idiot

Slenderman Gets Wombo Comboed

Slendy Molests An Ice Cream Cart

Slenderman Deals In Propane And Propane Accessories

Slenderman Licks A Doornob... somehow

Slenderman Invades The UAE

Slenderman Loses A Game Of Connect Four

Slenderman: The Musical

Slenderman Impregnates A Goat

Slenderman Is Incredibly Ticklish

Slenderman Grows A Long, Luxurious Coat Of Fur

Slendy Gets Drunk

Slenderman Poops Solid Gold Bricks

Slenderman's Migraine

Slendy On Roids

Slenderman Becomes The Size Of A Galaxy

Slenderman's Got Yer Nose

Slenderman Plays Takeshi's Challenge

Slenderman: The Sandwich. Filled with tentacley goodness. Wriggles and slithers, free of charge.


Slenderman Eats Pork Lo Mein

Slenderman Rides A Donkey

Slenderman Meets Johnson

Slenderman's Laser Nipples

Slenderman Becomes A Marvel Super Villian

Slenderman tries a hair grow formula

Slenderman falls off a boat

Slenderman prank calls Dominos

Slenderman makes a Twitter

Slenderman Plays Poker

Slendy Smokes A Cuban Cigar

Slendy Eats 12 Baconators

Slenderman Smells Really Bad

Slenderman Uses Rogaine


Slendy's Morning Breath

Slendy Gets Implants

Slenderman In The Doghouse

Slenderman Tells Jeff and BEN To Get Off His Lawn

Slenderman Takes A Shower

Slenderman's Beard

Slenderman Washes His Suit

Slenderman Goes To The Beach

Slendy's Tentacles Are Turned Into Sushi

Slenderman Plays Cubivore

Slendy Gets A Butt Chin

Slenderman Does A Belly Flop

Slenderman's Tie Snags On A Stickerbush

Slenderman Goes Streaking

Slenderman Plays Basketball

Slendy Gets Shat On By A Bird

Slenderman Gets The Plague

Slenderman Does The Time Warp Again

Slenderman's Powdered Wig

Slenderman Stubs His Toe

Slenderman's Erectile Dysfunction

Slendy's Snowboarding Adventure

Slenderman Drops Mescaline

Slenderman Shrinks In The Wash

Slenderman's Retarded Brother

Slenderman vs. Sun Wukong

Slenderman Cried When Bambi Died

Slenderman Drinks Four Loko

Slenderman's Foot Fetish

Slenderman's Cufflinks Are Stolen

Slenderman gets married and retires

Slenderman Eats Too Many Children And Has To Take An Antacid Tablet

Slenderman In The Antarctic

Slenderman Sex Tape

Slenderman Gets An Embarassing Tattoo

Slenderman, a film by Michael Bay! See the horror of Slendy like NEVER BEFORE! With TEN times the explosions, and TEN times the chicks! See it now!\

Slendy Flexes His Non-Existent Biceps

Slenderman Gets A Flu Shot

Slenderman Wears Gerordi LaForge's visor

Slenderman Wears A Speedo

Slendy The Chick Magnet

Slenderman's Beer Garden

Slenderman Wishes He Could Smell Panties

Slendy Enters A Warp Pipe

Slendy Flips You Off

Slenderman Makes An Animutation

Slendy Makes A YouTube Poop

Slenderman Kicks Dr. Rabbit

Slenderman Double-Dips

Slenderman Meets Yen Sid

Slenderman Has Nightmares About Clowns

Slenderman Drinks Way Too Much Coffee

Slenderman Wanks On A Fish

Slenderman cusses in an old text-based game and is booted back to the title screen

Slenderman finds Worm Jeff in his tequila

Slendy cheats in a footrace with The Flash

Slender Man Gets A Face (SPOILER: It's Mr. Potatohead's face.)

Slendy Overcooks His Thanksgiving Turkey

Slenderman Spills Coffee On His Tie

Slenderman Sexually Pleasures Jeff The Killer

Slenderman Hoards Cats

Slenderman Becomes A Zany Cartoon Character

Slenderman Punches One Direction Into The Sun

Slenderman kills BOTDF

Slenderman fights crime with the power of DANCE!

Slendy Sells Out

Slendy meets Jeff, then goes to sleep

Slenderman Wears Sandals

Slenderman's All-Night Bender

Slenderman Drinks 500 Gallons Of Iced Tea And Pees All Over His Forest

Slenderman Wears Stilts

Slenderman's Diabolical Humps Are Without Equal

The Balloonatic Get Revenge On Slenderman For Popping His Helium Sacs

Slenderman Takes Asprin

Slenderman roasts a grill at 11:30 pm

Slenderman Loses All The Invitations To His New Year's Party

Slenderman starts a Rap Career (even though he doesn't have a mouth and can't Physically rap)

Slenderman Punches Pewdiepie In The Grill

Slenderman Takes A Relaxing Bath

Slenderman locks this page because he's all mysterious n' shit. THEND!

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