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It was a early Sunday Morning, Mr.Buehler was just finishing harvesting his award winning Poatos. On the Last Row he harvested the very-last one. It looked starange. possibly just awkwardly grown like a lot of others... "You're a very, uh deformed one arn't you?" he said awkwadly. "Honey time to come inside its about to rain!" Mrs.Buehler hollerd. "Alright dear..." he looked at the potato, Then he put it in his basket. As walked inside his wife took the basket and started to brew some potato soup .

He went into the Living room Until he heard a scream. "SPAWN OF SATAN!!" His wife Yelled. He ran into the kitchen. She was on top of the counter holding a shotgun, the potato was jumping and had grabbed ahold of Mrs. Buhelers leg. blood. Everywhere. Mrs.Buheler finally stopped screaming she fainted white as snow. the potato grew bigger from her calories. Mr. Buheler finally grabbed the shot gun and tried to shoot the demon but it was no use. He was to fast.. The Potato Attacked him leaving nothing but bones and blood everywhere.. The potato set off on a murdering spree he disguised himself with the other potatos at supermarkets and when he got picked up and tooken to the persons house it was on..

The Woman had started to prepare dinner for her family of five. Mashed potatos, Steak, and corn. the potato tried to set the move but the women wouldnt stop moving! finally she sat down for a break. and he landed on her head knocking her on-concious. he finally killed her and took her calories. the kids came in the kitchen and he attacked them too. leaving nothing but bones and blood. The potato set off to a new supermarket. So many famlies so many deaths. He was already strong enough to eat a person in one bite. But now he has a different plan. He will be turned into a baked potato and well. you'll see. 

So a yound man maybe in his twenties. Purchased the potato. Once the man got home he started to prepare the meal. Baked potatoes and fried chicken. After a hour of prepareing the potato finished cooking and the first thing the man ate was the potato. After one bite the potato finally made his move in the Mans body tearing from organ to organ, what was left of the man was nothing but a skull. The potato isnt finshed yet. he kills his wife just in a bite. So the potato is now on the run. Police Report they Couldnt find him after 20 years each day a family or couple was dead. Why Was this potato like this? We may never know.

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