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One day, I was watching the 20th anniversary of Cartoon Network. Then suddenly, the logo was gettin' bloody. In each show, there was a main character dying. I counted how many. There were 20 lost souls. I turned around and the walls were written in blood saying "RenduRekat si kcab."

I turned the TV back on. Only to read "0-20" 'Lleh sah nekorb esool." I ran outside, only to hear seven gongs. "Aimankluh si Dead!" "Eh si eht Ynahpipe fo Ainameltsrw"!

A voice echoed! I saw a giant ghostly shadow chase me! It was wearing a big, black spiked overjacket, a black hat, and black clothes with black boots. It had Blood for eyes, and giant claws with golden blades that look like they can slice titanium. He said "Tser ni Eceape."

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