Racist Sonic Rom Hack

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The begining

so my friend download an racist sonic rom hack from an old website which is there no screenshot from the website, so he made a video about it which is has the n word on it. but the website got deleted due to being racist. so the video got uploaded yt. and here is how it started.

the green hill zone (aka the videos begining)

the video starts with sega intro. after the intro, the sonic the hedgehog (1991) intro plays but blue screen start to turning slowly black. after that, my friends press the starts button and aheading to green hill zone act 1, everything is normal but all of the robots and the animals are black, even sonic is black though so my friend start to beating it. after beating act 1 and black sonic goes to the big ring and going to first bonus stage. so sonic back to white and everything is now back to normal but black screen start to slowly appear with a random dude screen. and it crashed the game, so my friend tried it again.

the marble zone

after that sega intro. its play with sonic intro again but its goes to marble zone but same as green hill zone, in 23 seconds later, black sonic get crushed. so black sonic got 2nd life. so once in 23 seconds later again. so he tried it again but failed and he got 1 life again. after 23 seconds once again, he made it inside, he push the block to the button and he jump on the crusher and died but an dude from the bonus stage came back with black screen and realistic eyes and its also crashed again.

the scrap brain zone (black sonic second changes)

theres no sega intro sadly but its has sonic intro but the music change into 1 note and it very louds so its aheading to scrap brain zone. there is an one machine that can kill black sonic. it can spin around and its can kill you on the ground. so black sonic has 2 live again. the intro play with one quiter 1 long note forever, black sonic kill an bug so the music stops and tried to not touch the machine but he failed so he have 1 live, the intro play with quiter 2 long note forever, black sonic kill an bug so the music stops again and tried to not touch the machine and he did it but he got killed by a ground and game over theme play but it slowly turn into a black screen. when the theme ends, an random dude from marble zone and bonus stage is back and he said this: "I give you one last chance.. Please beat him and you will be worldful"

"I give you one last chance.. Please be care and wont die forever."
"I give you one last chance.. Please be care and wont die forever."

hes disappear but only talks without his voices and only text. "Miguel it's me arnold i know you can put an end to our pain and suffering". "We believe you. Miguel. Stop *???* from continuing"

Final Zone (The Finale)

theres no sega intro sadly but its has sonic intro but has no music so its aheading to final zone. so black sonic going to beating black eggman in a final boss. after beating the final boss, black sonic jump dash to black eggman rocket and black eggman died of explosion. after that, black screen show up and arnold says "you did it, you burnt him alive". "thank you" arnold died with screaming of fire and disappear even the music play its just a burning memory with a genesis remix.

The end of Arnold life

an beatiful music plays with a white screen even a black text says: "Thank you, Migeul" "Your prize is awaiting in your nearby forest" "Miguel, I'm sorry for hurting you in the past" "You deserve everything" "Be free." and the video ends.

The Secret Ending

In the secret ending. an random guy appear and the background was changed into tv static. even though an random music was playing and of course an text says "i'm still out there" "you saved no one" "you will remain worthless" "you will always fail" and the clip of black sonic died on the ground on scrap brain keeps playing it with more shorter and even arnold appear without the black screen and its finally end with miguel pc and miguel shoot himself with gore on the screen.

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