Rainbow Factory but if it was a crappy movie adaptation

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Author's note: This idea was based off of a weird dream I had years ago, where a group of characters went to the Rainbow Factory from the MLP creepypasta. So, I imagined it as a really bad movie adaptation, and decided to type down what happens in it later on and take elements from other movies.

In the rainbow factory, where every sole gets through- WAIT WHAT, WHO WROTE THIS SCRIPT!?

Long ago before the rainbow factory has opened, a couple of miners in a snowy area find blood out of someone, the blood turns into a rainbow from a special machine filter to analyze it, the miners then plan to establish a factory based on this bizarre discovery. Meanwhile, a group of people pull a prank on the antagonist named Rolan, by putting a fake corpse they stole from a medical school on Scoot's house, and having Rolan accidently kiss it, Rolan freaks out and starts spinning and screaming in horror in the room. Fast forward to present day, at a school, 8th grade students plan to go on a field trip to the rainbow factory. Later that night, one of the main characters named Jason, is suspicious about the rainbow after he saw one chase towards him. However, Jason's family does not believe what he witnessed. Days later, a group from a company in a ship has a conversation about the factory to investigate how the rainbows are made so they can either copy it, or destroy it, one of the people includes another main character named Moe. Sometime later at a supermarket, Jason sees an aisle of rainbows from the factory, he then starts to destroy the rainbow products to warn everyone that the rainbow is bad, but he then gets arrested and sent to home. The next day is the field trip day, two supporting characters Gumball and Darwin, missed the bus for the field trip, so they have a chase scene to the bus, it went successful.

In the bus, Jason tries to warn the bus driver that the factory is dangerous, but he then accidently gets thrown off the bus into the streets, Jason then encounters Moe in his car, and has Moe drive him to the factory. Later, the bus finally arrived at the rainbow factory, and all of the students have a tour at the place, the leader of the factory happens to be Rolan, and shows the process of how to make rainbows that is actually false, but Jason is still concerned about this place. Sometime after, Moe encounters a man called Charlie, they both have interests to investigate the secrets of the rainbow factory, so they trespass to the warehouse of the factory, they then get caught while in there, and gets chased, Moe punches one of the warehouse men, revealing rainbow-colored blood coming out of their mouth, Moe and Charlie escapes with a boat and to a restaurant, Moe then departs from Charlie to do work. Back at the rainbow factory, Jason and some of the others talks to Scoot, secretly, Scoot knows the truth about this place and how the rainbows, but revealing the secret to the public will result in a deadly punishment. Some day later, a man in his house messes with the rainbow, making it kill the man, and creating rainbow colored blood from it. At the processed room, Rolan and his employees talks about the business in the factory. A guy Paul from an RV goes into the back of the factory, and notices a person tied up in a seat, the person then tells Paul that the workers will kill him for his blood to make rainbow. Paul in shock, attempts to get him out of there, but then Rolan walks in and takes the both of them into the machinery, as both Paul and the guys get murdered to become rainbows, Gumball sees this, and runs away and tries to act normal. During lunch time at the factory, Jason is wondering about Gumball's strange behavior, and tries to ask him questions, but Gumball denies everything and lies that he's fine. Later that day Moe's finds a store that sells rainbow, decides to buy one, and sends it to a lab to analyze it, Moe is shocked to find out the rainbow is actually made out of blood, and then tells Scoot about it, she suspects that the factory secretly murders people who tries to stop them, to make more rainbows out of them. Moe documents all of this information and goes to talk to his wife Nilly about the factory without revealing it. The next day, Jason attempts to find more about the secrets of the factory, he gets caught by a group of workers talking about kidnapping some of the students from the field trip, the workers kidnaps Jason and attempts to force feed him with poisonous juice to kill him, but gets stopped by Gumball, who infiltrates one of the machines and tells Jason to destroy the factory, so both he and Scoot attempts to throw bombs at the place, and gets stopped by one of Rolan's allies, Gill, he then kidnaps Scoot and Gumball. Jason then breaks into the factory's security room and has one of the screens in the factory display what's happening from a camera that Darwin set up. Jason runs off to a plane to find Moe to tell him, but then a rainbow floods the plane and kills the pilot before the plane can take off. Jason departs the plane and off to a truck of the factory to hide from the workers. The whole factory holds all outside people hostage and imprisons them inside.

Meanwhile with Moe and Nilly, they start their plan to see the truth of how the rainbows are made and expose it to the public. That night, they stay at a motel to sleep at. Only for Moe to get lashed by a rainbow inside of a pillow, Nilly saves Moe by burning the rainbow that's on him, weakening it. Both escape the motel, and drives a empty truck, they arrive to a giant yard that is full of corpses yet to be turned into rainbow. Both Moe and Nilly disguise themselves as workers of the factory to go to a truck from the factory, a worker fills up one of the trucks with rainbows, Jason then backs off, but then Moe saves Jason from getting devoured. Moe, Nilly, and Jason head off to the factory, Moe reveals that he made a deal with an army, and the army's leader Brian, to infiltrate the factory, and save everyone from turning into rainbows. Back at the factory, Rolan plans to turn Scoot and the others into rainbows as punishment, Scoot gets chosen as first to become one. Scoot gets tied into a chair in a conveyor belt into a puncher, but the army and Moe and the others break into factory, as the army knocked out the guards. Nilly punches Rolan and Jason destroys the machine that was about to kill Scoot, Rolan then lashes out on Moe, Nilly and Jason, Rolan sends her workers to attack the people who learned the truth. Darwin, Gumball, and many of the other students destroys more machinery with a sledgehammer. A large fight breaks out between the students, army, and the others, against Rolan and the workers. Jason gets handed a gun to shoot Rolan with, he grabs into Rolan, and she starts to move around the factory. Jason misses a few shots, until hitting her neck, Rolan collapses on the floor, only to get back up. Both begins to fight each other around the factory with many different objects, before Rolan can shoot Jason, Gumball throws a bomb at her, as everyone evacuated the factory. The factory explodes with Rolan still inside, everyone rejoices as the factory and machines are destroyed. Brian thanks Moe and everyone else for saving mankind, and Jason hugs Moe and Scoot. Later that night, Jason and the others head off to a train to leave. In there, Scoot encounters an injured but still alive Rolan, who has secretly broken into the train, Scoot apologies to Rolan for the prank that was pull on her many years ago, but Rolan rejects her apology and forces her to kiss her. They both kiss each other, this ends up reminding Rolan the trauma she had from the prank, she starts to spin around and scream again. Darwin comes into the room and knocks Rolan out of the train with a shovel. Rolan falls into the ground and into a river, killing her. The next day, after most people went back home, Brian, Moe, Nilly, and Jason head off to a radio station to report the truth of the factory. In there, Charlie come in as well to talk about what happened, but before he can explain to Nilly, he starts to shake and vomit out rainbow from his mouth, and eventually explodes. Jason comes into the room, only to be cornered by the rainbow, Moe then saves Jason and Nilly by lighting the rainbow on fire, exploding a portion of the radio station. Both Moe and Brian began to report the truth of the rainbow factory and tells everyone in the world to burn their rainbows. Everyone does exactly what the two said and destroys the rainbow industry and has the people in charge of the company arrested for life. Later, Scoot comes into Jason's house and thanks him for saving her and everyone else's life, as they all go back to their normal lives.

Written by ElementR
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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