Reading Goes Once Again Through a Deletion Refugees Story

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I discovered I'm masochistic.

What other reason is there to be doing this again?

"The Mark"

Alright, hit me with your best, author! Which is...a wall of text. Okay.

So I was just doing what I do being a gamer!

I hope you don't mean you're slouching on your couch for two days, eating pizza leftovers and peeing in a bottle. That is something I'd rather not to know.

So I was playing a game and I heard a light gun shot I was wearing headphones so I didn't know if it was the game or not...

-"Gunshots are a part of Kirby: Nightmare on Dreamland 64, right?"-

I just sat there for a moment and pulled myself together. I heard it again but I had my headphones off this time I was worried.

So far, this seems relatively plausible. Who knows, maybe this won't end being that bad. Not all Deletion Refugees has to be disasters, right?

I looked outsode and didn't see anything only grass and tree's.

Tree's what?

I lived across the street from a forest so I got more worried then I should have been.

If Slenderman appears I'll make a fucking acrobatic pirouette and win a medal or something.

But then I heard a noise in my basement now I was worried the house I owned was very old and the floor's alway's made a squeaking sound.

-"I'm worried my house is very old. Selling ancient real estate is a real pain in the ass"-

I had a gun so I went for it I opened the closet and there was a man standing there staring at me

Not the best way to know your spouse is cheating on you.

and he has both his eyeball's cut out and dangling and a bloodstained shirt and the very botton of his pant's too

-"Oh God...oh God...

...he is using my clothes, the bastard!"-

he had a lot of little mark's on his arm's almost 100 of them. I felt like I was looking upon the devil himself

As we all know, the Devil himself can be pictured as a mutilated man hiding in a closet. Being half-goat and having a trident is so overused now.

his arm's had many scary stuff on them like


"You are dead" and "This is your last day"

Between the hundred little marks and the random scribbling, I'm wondering how this guy's arms aren't disintegrating onto the floor.

So I slammed the closet and turned around and right infront of my face was the man I was scared I opened the closet and he was in there too

Oh God, they're multiplying!

they walked toward's me and I screamed and they simultaniously said "Shhhh it is done"

-"You soiled your pants. Our job here is done"-

then they said together again "The mark" and said it about 10 times in a row

And you just stood there waiting for them to finish, protagonist? Tell me that you made an effort to get out.

I just stood there in fear

Clearly my expectations were too high. This protagonist can only feel fear and worry.

then there head started tilting and they both shot out there tounge

French kissing never sounded so disturbing.

and almost hit me but they missed I hopped on the bed and ran off into the living room and then there were many so I ran into my room slammed the door shut and turned on my computer to try to look him up.


Let me get this straight.

You're in your house alone, which is swarmed by mutilated clones. Instead of taking advantage of their lack of eyes,since they're dangling and all, and getting out of your house, you instead choose to go to your room, lock yourself and investigate something that has no other way to be defined other than "zombie".

Yeah, this protagonist has the same IQ than the protagonists of the Scary Movie franchise.

One forum came up it only said two word's "The Mark"

As we all know, there is only one thing in the world that is called "The Mark", and it is some sort of zombie invasion. There is absolutely no way anything else will come up. The protagonist will be stuck with song lyrics and reviews of horrible movies.

then my door dissappeared and they all walked in

Whaaaaat? I jumped out my window and they got me while I was hurt

You're the one who got hurt jumping from a window on the first floor. Blame yourself for being terminally idiotic.

and now I am one of them writing this from my group and I found out what they were and what they wanted.

I can envision the author's internal thoughts at this point. "Oh yes, I'll insinuate I know what exactly is going on, and then I'll end my story here! I'm the master of suspense! Fuck the readers, let them stay confused FOREVER"-

Overall I'd say this story was better than the videogames one, but it still has a few stuff that makes me want to read literary masterpieces to avoid a cerebral meltdown.

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