Reasons II

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The unofficial sequel to Reasons

I was sitting in my house alone, when suddenly I heard some tapping on the window. My homosexual mind got the better of me, and I walked to see what it was. Suddenly, I heard glass breaking, and I was suddenly grabbed by 2 Halo fanboys. I was chained to my couch, and forced to watch Superbad (That movie sucks). When my captors were distracted, I began to spread some butter on the bars, breaking them. 

I snuck outside, and the 2 halo fanboys saw me. They pulled out their propaganda leaflets, and I hid under a haybale as they shot burning china at me. During this time of need, I discovered my guardian angel. His name was Axl Rose. He flew out, and instantly killed both the halo fanboys. He said to me "We gotta go find the halo fanboys's HQ!" We both set out.

I found out on Wikipedia that they were hanging out AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Me and AXL ROse both went there. I pulled out a COMBAT SHITGUN and I shot all the halo fanBOIS. Then, when I got to the main room, I had to TAKE the flag. But there were too many and I was low ON AMMo. Axl Rose casted his ultimate spell, he summoned the legions of Bungholio to kill them all with the mighty turd-miniguns below their backs. As I grabbed the flag out of the base, me and Axl Rose both had this epic chase scene were we ran from a giant monster Happy Appy. It was pretty cool, huh huh huh huh huh.

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