Regular Show: Rigby's Suicide

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The only screenshot of the episode.

One day in June, 2012, I was watching Cartoon Network and came across an episode of Regular Show. I pressed the info button on my remote. The episode name was " Rigby's Suicide." I thought maybe this was a joke from Cartoon Network. I was dead wrong. It was time for the episode to come on. The episode started as usual and the title was "Rigby's Suicide."

I paused the episode with my remote and took a moment to regain my thoughts. After a good 5 minutes, in curiosity, I played the episode. The episode skipped the rest of the title credits. The first part of the episode after the title credits had Mordecai was in a fetal position upright, rocking back and forth in a corner. It then cut to Rigby also in a fetal position but laying horizontally, whimpering softly, muttering words I could understand. Heres what he said: " why did you... why did you.. why did you do it... oh god... oh my god, oooohhhh...." then advanced into crying softly. Now here's what he said: " Rick, you had to do this.... oh god! ooohh! why, Rick? why???!!" That was my real name!!! then finally advanced into sobbing hysterically! Here's the last words he said: OH GOD! AAAHHHAAHAHAH!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! WHYYYYYYYYY! WHYYYYYYYYY!!! RICCCKKKK! HAHAHAAAA!!!! *puts head in arms, crying hard, then sits up again*, GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD!!!!" Then the screen turned black and a sound of a gun cocking and firing with blood splattering was heard. I had this very SICK feeling in my stomach. I ran to the bathroom and puked my guts out (not really, exaggerating.)

When I was finished, I saw the remaining parts of the episode. It was only a picture with japanese text. I used Google Translate and it said: "Whatever has been done, cannot be reversed- Satan." The living daylights were scared out of me. I never watched the show again. Whenever it would come on, I would have a panic attack and go physco just to change the channel. Sadly, I dont have any footage because I was too scared to film. 

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