Regular Show: The Prank That Went Too Far

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I am a big fan of the Cartoon Network series Regular Show. But today i will tell you a story that happened to me while i was watching it many, many years ago...

It was August 6th of 2012, and i hadn't gone to school because i was sick, so i decided to watch TV to pass the time, i saw that they were going to premiere a new episode of Regular Show and i was excited, i waited for a few shows and commercials to finish first but then i heard a knock on my door. It was my cousin, i forgot that we planned to do our homework together this day.

Well, shit.

Whatever, it could be worse... OH SHIT, THE EPISODE'S ABOUT TO START! I run as fast as i can to my room and i jump right into my bed, i managed to get in before the title card ended, it was called Prankless, but it looked like it was written with chalk, my cousin followed me into the room but i couldn't care less. The title card ended and the TV started to make weird sounds until the power went off. Me and my cousin went downstairs to turn on the power generator and i saw lollipops sticked to the walls and ceilings, weird.

We go back up upstairs and the episode is back at the title card, double weird. We sat on my bed and watched as the episode started.

The episode started with a very loud laugh from Muscle Man, i walked to the TV to tone down the sound but then it showed Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost taping Mordecai's bed to the ceiling, but it felt really cold and slow, as if they were planning to murder someone. After what felt like an hour Pops comes in playing with a balloon, the balloon hits the bed and it all comes crashing down.


An extremely loud shriek came from the TV, i felt like my ears were bleeding. It showed Benson and the other park members hearing the scream and rushing towards the room, they looked inside it and became nauseous, Skips punched a wall and Benson started vomiting on the ground, it also showed Muscle Man looking completely shocked at Pops.

It then showed Pops's unrecognizable rotting and realistic bloody corpse, it was completely deformed, devoid of life, and i just stood there watching.

He had gone too far.

Benson then got extremely angry, so angry that i got spooked and screamed at Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost, but it didn't sound like his usual screams, it felt realistic somehow, it's as if the actor was crying for real as he recorded the line. He berates them and tell them to never set their foot on the park ever again, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost accepted and Muscle Man cried, they walk out of the park and Muscle Man lets out a final sigh.

"Goodbye, everybody." Says Muscle Man with tears in his eyes.

The episode then timeskips into some time later, it showed Muscle Man now homeless with Hi Five Gost nowhere to be seen sitting on the sidewalk crying, it was very loud and it lasted for 4 minutes. It began raining so he sat below a bridge and fell asleep. Then Muscle Man shows up in his dream and he sees Pops with his head looking at another place, he asks him to forgive him but Pops doesn't respond so Muscle Man walks towards Pops and touches his arm, Pops then turns around with his extremely deformed and mangled face and screams in the same way he did before, my cousin's ears started bleeding, Muscle Man runs away terrified but Pops keeps chasing him, Muscle Man tries to jump away but he falls down and Pops catches him.

"Please, Pops. I'm sorry! I thought it was just prank!"

"Oh, i love pranks, Muscle Man! And you know sow to respond to a prank? PAYBACK!"

Pops opened his monstruous mouth and started eating Muscle Man's intestines, it didn't look cartoony instead it looked like a snuff tape, we heard Muscle Man's horrible screams loudly.

I was now about to turn off the TV but it electrocuted me when i touched it, now the screams got louder and i was going crazy. I grabbed a hammer and went out to the TV and started smashing it, but it did not break instead it started bleeding and it felt as if Pops was jumping out off the TV, so me and my cousin got scared and ran into the basement we saw Pops sillouete inside and got out before he saw us, we tried opening the door but it was locked so we jumped out of The window and called the police. The officers went inside to inspect th house, but then we heard screams from inside so we ran away from the house. After a few hours we came back into the the house to see if Pops was gone, we look at the TV and it showed the corpses of the park members, then i gotan idea and we go to my room and we tape my bed to the ceiling then we heard Pop's laugh and jumped behing us, then the bed fell on us and we woke up on the hospital.

I emailed JG Quinel over what happened, he was shocked and told us that it was Pop's evil twin brother, we were shocked, and he gave us a Regular Show DVD as a gift.

Then i went to school and my teacher didn't believe me so i got an F.


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