Reise, Reise, Skeletons, Reise

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Throughout the year of 2013, American short story, creepypasta and trollpasta-writer, TentakleTherapist, has written a series of trollpastas, ending with "...and then a skeleton popped out". The reasons for this have never been known, until Therapist wrote in a letter to somebody who asked. The letter's contents were in the mix of English and German that the writer sometimes speaks in, possibly to keep the reasons behind his habit for writing about skeletons popping out. The full letter, copied from paper to computer is the following:

Guy who asked me this question,

Mein trollpastas end in "und then a skelett popped out" because I simply wählen sie nicht to make mein way around the fact that the skeletts erheben sich and have chosen me to teilen Sie heimlich jeden mit, der sich die Skelette erheben and will pop out and erschrecken Sie jeden.


After using an online translator, we were able to, well, translate the letter. The following is the full letter, entirely translated:

Guy who asked me this question,

My trollpastas in "and then a skeleton popped out " because I simply choose not to make my way around the fact that the skeletons will rise and have chosen me to you secretly inform everybody that the skeletons will rise and pop out and frighten everybody.


Shortly after we got the translation out in the open, Therapist had mysteriously disappeared, leaving the statement "AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT" written on a sheet of paper found in his writing area.

Upon further investigation, we found a piece of writing, titled "Reise, Reise, Skeletons, Reise". It was nothing but a shit-ton of zeros and ones that we were too lazy to decode.

Shortly after finding the literature, we were ambushed by a group of skeletons. We managed to neutralize then contain them. We decided to make an attempt to get answers from them, but they made themselves fall into pieces, leaving us with no answer.

Then, everywhere in the world, skeletons popped out, scaring the hell out of everyone, then disappeared. This event was believed to be the rise of the skeletons. Everybody just went on with there normal lives after that.

Now, you may ask, "Who are "we"?" Well, we are the skeletons! Mwahahaha-AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT.

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