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I was so bored of playing Clubpenguin without cheating. So I searched "Clubpenguin Cheats". I found ROBLOX on the top. I first played as a Guest, and LOVED it! Then, I made an account and nammed it PugglePie. I went on front page and chose "Ghost mansion!". It was fun untill a face appeared on the skybox. It said "You... are all.... next!" and there was blood everywhere. All the users in that server were scared. The exit button disappered. We ran all around when the face was back. "You... will DIE... as soon as I... rule ROBLOX!" it said. BOOM! BOOM! BOOOOOOOOM! Went the house BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Went the cave and mountian. We ran for our lifes. The face was out of control. "MWAHAHAHAHA!" It laughed. I ran for my life outta the room. I never played ROBLOX again.

Credited to PugglePie 
Originally uploaded on October 24, 2010

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