Rick and Morty Lost Episode

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"RICK SANCHEEEEEZZZZZ!" Dan screams, realizing that Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in the universe, has turned his car into poop.

"I'm getting my revenge!" Dan exclaims.

"But Dan, Rick Sanchez is the smartest man in the universe, how are you going to get back at him for turning your car into a pile a shit?"

"I don't care Chris! He's paying for my car!"

Back at the Rick and Morty Household...

"Er, I don't get it, Rick, can't you just reverse your invention to turn poop back into entropy?"

"NO, Morty, I fucking can't! You *burp* don't get it Morty, there's no entropy to turn poop back into anymore! Entropy is now LITERALLY SHIT, and vice-versa! All things in our universe are now fundamentally doomed to degrade into shit."

"A-are you saying-"

"That's right, Morty, our worst nightmare is coming true. We've become The Simpsons."

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