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Once it was past midnight and Slenderman had not taken him away yet, he snuck into their bathroom and began to write this story. His parents soon fell asleep. He got out of the shower and played Call of Duty. He drove himself home and took a shower. Strangely, there was a car there. Ricky stumbled out of the bus into an abandoned parking lot. He fought his way through the aisle as Fred tried to trip him. The majority of the ride was spent yelling at people, but soon it was time to go. He loved his mama! Ricky couldn't wait to go home. He spent the rest of the day listening to Adele. All of the answers were X. The teacher handed out the test after he sat down. Ricky arrived after the bell rang and she was quite cross. The principal yelled at him.

"But I hate prune juice!" screamed Ricky. He arrived in the principal's office furious and dripping wet. While he was walking he slipped and fell in a puddle.

"Okay," he replied, knowing he would be late for history. The teacher sent him to the principal's office. He came out of his trance in the midst of shattered guitar pieces.

"No! No! No! No! No!" he screamed as he beat the guitar again and again. All of a sudden, as strange emotion came over him. He liked to pretend the guitar was his rival Will. His first class was guitar. Ricky thought he was a cool guy. He walked away from the wreck unharmed because cool guys don't look at explosions. The motorcycle wouldn't stop so he crashed it into a and took off. He rode the motorcycle to school, laughing his head off.

"Dang kids!" shouted the hermit. He stole a motorcycle from a nearby hermit. The bus pulled away just as Ricky arrived and he began to panic.

"Wait up, Mama!" hollered Ricky as he approached the bus stop. His legs were (metaphorically) on fire and his lungs hurt from all the running. He rushed out of the door, waking up his parents. Alarmed, he scrambled to get ready in under five minutes. One day, Ricky was late for school.

aS yOu maY HaVe noTiceD, THe StOry has bEen TolD bAckWardS foR ADded eFfeCt. I apOlogIZe if mY GiBberiSh haS bLOwn yOur MinD.

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