Room 7 ate 9

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Click Clack, Click clack. That is all i hear as me and my paranormal crew enter room 7,8 and 9 once 3 rooms but the walls rotted and it is now one big room. My fear is milking it for the worse. James finally breaks the ice by saying "Damn this place is like very creepy I think we should leave.." Of course nobody listens because James is the youngest hes only 16 the rest of us are 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21. We enter the what used to be an old insane asylum back in the 1900's but is not just a jumble of mess.

We walk in slowly not knowing what we were going to find. But what we did find was terrifying. Dead rotting bodies. All the old insane people from years ago. and even our group leader who went ahead of us. Jack. he was a creepy man. But now more scary than ever. He was a clown. with a Cheshire smile

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