Rouge exe

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YouTube video featuring this pasta.

rouge exe

hey my name is christopher williams i am big fan of rouge the bat iand i about to made rouge call her

dark rouge exe imade by gmod i find a prefcet picture to creat i got scare of her right now in way she eat people

in shock people blood out  she was white in gary old picture in her sister is white rouge

she a powerful lady she hurt people i kill to her line is :i am dark rouge and i go take your heart out and white one:i am white rouge i will suck your soul out she found

knuckles in knuckles turn head in she got  a creepy smile her face in her sister to

theny about are powerful of ture darkness i think  i made her in gmod in my computer

start bring picture of rouge exe the one is smy rose head got cut off by dark rouge

and two is amy rose was wlking with sally acron and they saw dark rouge and white rouge they were start wlking to them amy and sally run and sreaming loud they stop

running they saw sonic exe in i ssaid;sonic what he doing  there in he said to them

your to slow and you can not escape from them in dark rouge and white rouge

attacking them in eat them to in sonic laughing i said: go by amy in sally start

laughing again so me i got so srace how they kill amy in sally thet are good people

i said :why why whhhhhhhhhy start cry in i ture off my computer i see a dark and white outside my windows in theny start a creepy smiley and bleed teeth and bloody picth black eye one dark rouge eye is pitch black in red they bout disappearing in i dont belive it i never never star make in horror stuff no more i start dreaming about themmy dream is dark black in i was in there with sonic in two sister in they said:we are god now in we are going to eat you in creepy ben drowned behind me i said :ben what you doing here they all eat me i wark up i ture saw a dark rouge in my bed never she her

in her sister again

Credited to Hammerbig8

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