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you are chasing justin bieber through a field with a shotgun. he trips and falls and you headshot him. after that he turns into zombie bieber and you turn into a bieber zombie!

you are at a store and you see a lot of chocolate cake. you start eating it and a magical ugandan fairy comes down from the sky and says "eat da poo poo" and then you realise it isn't chocolate cake

you are in a dark alley and you see a trapdoor. you open it and you are in a bunker. after going through it, you see a enderman with red eyes so you try getting out but princess molestia joins the chase and you escape but the valley is a ded end because a truck blocked your way and you get *bleep*ed!!!!

you are in a rainforest and the trees are miles high. then you hear a rumble and a "achoo" and you are sent flying. then you realise you were in ringo starr's nose!!!!

you wake up from these 4 dreams and you look to your side and you see bieber, uganda guy, enderman, princess molestia, and ringo. you run away to the street but the 5 turn into a mexican restraunt transformer and they chase you, flinging burritos and tacos until you get one stuck in your eye and they get a funnel and shove it down your throat and force feed you sweaty mexican food!!!!

you are in bed when you feel a tap on your shoulder. you turn around and no one is there so you check your house if anyone is there but there isn't except your relatives so you go back to bed and guess who is lying on the bed? jeff the kiler in a thong with dongz!!!!!!!!! (hey that rymes)

you wake up and you're in a wedding. you see your bride in a veil. after the thing you open her veil and it's the skin taker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if anyone pooed them i will buy new pair.

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