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One day i went to vinnys shop. he sells video games. so i thought that i can buy my favorite game. sonic 2. which is a real game. i loved it. but i threw it away in trash, so now i dont have it anymore. but i went to vinny s shp an bhought it he asnwerd and shed; ithid geam is hunted. here you go it s free, I thin khe said it was a giclth happns all the tim. so the cart had b,lood on it so it was weird but its a bug. so i put it in my pc and played it. it was werd becasue there was blood. it started wiht a weird... sega screen. but instead it said evil and made a satan noise. so i started it and sonic was bleeding blood. and tails wasnt there. he just wasnt.

sonic had blood on his hands. it was werd. but i played it anyways. the points were kills. the rings were blood. it was oddd. Tails was a torsa that sonic crarrried. it was sad. i creid.i felt sad. THE GAME TURNED balck for some reason. for 33 seconds; there was a face that was weird. the face moved out the genisis and killed my dog. i camed and killed the face.

i was scared for life. i will never trust vinny angain.

maybe hes satin.

The Aftermath

When i ruthernd the game satan cme outt he cartridge and said scary things like 666.

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