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One Night, I was in my bed room. Then, I thought well i'll play some Call f Duty: Black Ops 2. So i loaded it up, and instead of the usual menu, It showed Call Of Satan: Hell Ops 2. I was scared to death, but i, instead of quiting like a wussy, I continued playing which was a big mistake. I started the the game and what i saw was horrible. Instead of the usual menu for Zombies, Multiplayer, and Campaign. Instead of that it said Devil Slayer, Angels Vs. Devils, and Road To Hell. So i selected Devil Slayer. When the screen showed up the levels were Hell, Heaven, and Earth. So i selected Earth to make this as sane as i could considering the other things i saw, but this was worse i saw people getting murdered and it almost looked like i was playing a game with real world looks and graphics and the blood looked like someone had tortored a person and took pics of the blood and uploaded it for the graphics. So then i was setting there playing then all of a sudden, my character burst into flames and was burnt into ashes. It was horrific i saw his flesh and organs burning into a crisp. So I played for a while more and when i died it automaticly sent me to the hell level like i activated something by dieing. So i played it for a while and then all of a sudden it said "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!!!" Then a skeleton came out of the screen and grabbed me!!! I fought it off me and ran to my room and locked the door!!! Then it started to brake down the door, luckily me and my brother had one door connecting the rooms. My younger brother who's 22 was out with his friends at this time so i was alone in the house, and my brother builds alot so he had boards, nails, and a hammer in his closet. So i boarded up the doors and the monster is trying brake through them as we speak. I am righting this on a laptop in my brothers room as we speak i only wish someone will help me goodbye people.

Written by NewWorld270‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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