Salad finger's suicide

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it was a simple day get out of bed,play some games,have some breakfast you know what i mean.Anyway my brother told me to watch "salad fingers" a normal series.About a creepy looking monster type guy with a silk voice and hairy long fingers (3 on each hand). im 22 years old i thought i could take it so i watched all the episodes but  one episode had bad graphics the name? "the SUICIDE".

not to much of a bad show but this is how it went.salad fingers was in the corner of his house on the phone he had a smile on.So he hung up after a while and went outside again that wierd ravin in the background.He took a gun from under the sand "i will kill him!" he said "because i got a M1911!" he shot at the screen. a bullet shot at the camera and it fell to the ground.Static surrownded the screen and salad fingers had a gun at someone:it was a woman. he said "REVENGE!" a bullet struck from the gun in the womans head.She lye on the ground. Dead he screemed it was like he was an evil person inside he tossed the gun far away and looked at his hands.I paused it and went to the bathroom and throughup came back wiping my mouth. i unpaused.He unfolded his hands and started to cry.the screen went black.for 9 minutes and static.a flash came. it was a shotgun in salad fingers head.he was screeming he pulled the treger and BOOOM!!!.salad fingers was on the ground dead.the vidio ended i had to report this.

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