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a few year old boy named samuel one day he was home and chatting with hes friends

they talk one hour later he,s friend sad they want to be alone for some minutes

samuel was bored and he had an idea he should go on internet and play games

he heard about a game he,s friend told him about samuel din,t remember the name of the game

he typed maze game on google he found a game called 'scary maze game' he click on it

game start with a menu says 'scary maze game' and below it says 

'test your skillz complete all 4 level' samuel think this is very easy

he press start game begins with a dot and a blue maze att end of the maze is a 

red cube samuel finish first level an level two when he came to 3 he got a message

it was he friend he sad what samuel was doing samuel typed playing

scary maze game when he was back in the game he,s friends sad STOP 

samuel sad why he,s friend sad im warning you dont play the game

but samuel is still playing when he was half of the level some thing hapend

samuel wont sleep for this he saw a scary picture of a girl poping up

with loud screams

samuel told what hapend in the chatt a guy sad that pucture came from a movie

samuel download the movie so he can se what hapening

after he whatched a 1 hour of the movie it was a scene when the girl

stabbed her self her mother runed to hers room mom tryed to stop her

the girl had scars on her face the girl had deep boy voice sound is

like satans voice the girl slaped her mother so hard the ending of the movie

was when two preist come and trying to get out the demon that was in hers body

he killed one of them one preist got out the domon but the demon controled the preist 

the preist jumped out from the window falled on long stairs

it was blood everywhere everyone was crying then a god ending come after that the ther was some credits

and the movie ended samuel got nightmare one month but samuel is still thinking why did it happend

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