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well we all know how the story happen but now there a new story happen. so after scaryboy kill me i thot i was ded but i actshualy survive and now i am alive. i went back to my computer in my hose and i take ote the disk of scaryboy666.exe. then i go to the cemetary but scary boy was follow me. ! I ran so far away that i was really really far away! I throw the disk on the flore and it dint brake ! so i take it to the semetairy and scaryboy was waiting!!!! he grab a shovel and he hit me ! i ran away! i was sacerde so i take a bath . then i got unscare and i was redy 2 face scaryboy666!!! i ran al the way there 2 the semetairy and i dint see scaryboy! so i thro the disc in and i start to barry it but the guy who own s the bilding! i run so far away i was the fast and now i fast run far! so now no scary boy or no man buidling owner can find me no more thats good. so after i take a bath i went to selepp. then i went i went to go to a bath but scaryboy was in the bath tub he saw me and he had a gun!!!!! then i 

look around and blood everywere!!! i got the majre scared but i was not scare. i deside to make a trip to the semateri. i went all the way to there but i had a pet dog he sade 'scare boy is there dont go. so i rean relly fare away an now i made it all the way home. but wen i put scaryboy666.exe in the disk hole it boot up and there was scary boy on the computer! i loded a level of mareo cart and it was normal. then i notis a speshial caracter name SCARY_BOY so i chose that i thought it was an unlock. so i played but after 1 round scary boys head turned all the way around. and he was looking at me!!! i codent move or do anything then he got ote of the cart and came ote of the compyuter and he punch me. then he gerab me in the game and tell me how i like it to drive a mareo cart. it is not fun. so then i was sad becuz i noo scary boy had a toffu life and it was harde 4 him. i lefd him alone but wen i went bak into mareo 60 kart i made a bathtub. after i was safe from screy boy i made a tent and i broke the disk in to litle peeses and i berryd it deep in the under grond of the erth. now wen i go to play mareo 60 4 i never get an eror mesage saying a new caracter call scaryboy666.exe. so i play games now but i never go to sales at wal mart becuz they giv you fake games that dont work so dont take them!

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