Sesame Street: Elmo's hell

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What the VHS tape looked like before it was destroyed

I know damned you're not going to believe this. I was equally skeptical about this, but I need to let you know that this is not a Creepypasta and this indeed happened. OH and before you read this I desperately need to tell you a warning.If you read this, you are putting your life at risk, so be careful while reading this story.

Part one:A series of unfortunate events…

My dad used to be an intern at PBS KIDS but was fired because they were trying hide an episode.Back when I was normal, I was just looking through my computer.Before long I found a news article about four teenagers sufficing garbage holders when they found the VHS tape.After they had watched, It was reported that two of the teenagers killed themselves, 1 has gone missing, and the other refuses to talk about it and he refuses To show the VHS tape.Genuine curiosity got the better of me and I promptly decided to go track down the man.So I did and I was on his doorstep knocking on the door.The man cautiously opened the door, and his wry face looked pale.I next interrogated him about the lost episode, and he got mad saying that this not safe for any responsible human to watch.Then he then slammed the door.For 45 breathless minutes I stood there in profound confusion trying to get a hold of what happened.He then slowly opened the door nervously holding the VHS tape.He furthermore said if you genuinely want to watch it,I guess I can’t prevent you… Do be prepared the things your about to see will forever adjust your life… .I politely thanked him then he nervously provided it to me.

Bizarrely It had the title written in sharpie “Sesame Street Elmo’s day.”Precisely as I was about to go home, I saw a black cat on the roof and deafening thunder in clouds by my house.The cat looks menacingly at me in a twisted way and laughed a wicked voice, he would turn into dust right after. I decided to try to merely forget What I just saw and go in my house.At this point I was disturbed I did not know if I indeed wanted to watch it at this point. However morbid curiosity got a hold of me, and I put it the VHS player.DREADFUL MISTAKE.

Before it started I recognized the title of the episode of the words that appear and it said Sesame Street 666 Elmo’s rage.I laughed uncontrollably thinking it was a joke for the episode.Little did I know my life would change forever.At that moment it promptly cut to Elmo’s house, and I saw Elmo but he was standing still.

He had his eyes closed for 30 seconds they remained shut. Next Elmo uncovered his eyes revealing two bloodshot eyes.The screen then cut to a black screen for a few seconds and in the next frame a flashback scene played.It was in poor quality and there was a tad bit of static playing.It looked like a more junior version of Elmo.Additionally I could see what looked like a mom and dad.Then I instantly heard the words “I am sorry dad and mom I will do better next time”Then Elmo’s dad screamed and punched the wall producing a hole in the wall.
“ELMO YOU ARE A FUCK UP YOU WILL NEVER IMPROVE.”Then Elmo’s upset mom said”.YOU WERE A MISTAKE YOU WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE BORN LITTLE SHIT”.I was shocked swearing in a kids show?I could not believe it!”you damned know what going to happen when you screw up” The quality kept getting worse and the static made it hard to see.I could only see what looked his mom and dad beating fiercely at him.Elmos dad started snatching him by the next and punching him in the face again and again.Elmo was crying and said please I am sor-.Then Elmo’s dad then yelled at him calling him a pussy and then telling Elmo to shut the fuck up.The rest was unseeable the only last bit I could make out from the static was merely Elmo falling down shallow stairs and what looked like hyperrealistic blood.I Tired disregarding it thinking it was just a glitch because there would under no circumstances be blood in a kids show.It then cut back to the present Elmo then finally spoke he looked the screen at said do you know what today is?It next showed a date chart.Elmo said it was 6/6/6.The time on his clock said 6:66 which I knew was not Possible because after the clock goes past 59 it becomes the next hour.I started getting creeped out.Then elmo said “kids want to know what my favorite number is?”I said hell no!Elmo pointed at a sign that said 666.At that point it cuts to the outside of the city, and Elmo made a sign next to a door that said come in here for free cookies!

Cookie Monster appears and says COOKIE!He goes in the building and then out of nowhere the lights shut off.Cookie monster said COOKIE.Elmo then said HAVE YOUR COOKIES IN HELL FATASS!I could not believe Elmo would fat shame someone I was shocked.I believed Elmo was a nice dude.Elmo subsequently kills Cookie Monster to death by separating his head from his body,
and Cookie Monster led our a blood gushing scream almost like they killed the actor for this scene.Elmo then started acting weird almost if he was on drugs.Then big bird found Elmo and asked if he wanted to play.Elmo next said NO I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO PLAY DON’T YOU SEE I AM FUCKING BUSY?THE GAMES YOU PLAY ARE FOR FUCKING CHILDREN!YOU WILL FUCKING DIE BITCH BIRD!Elmo started to burn big birds skin and big bird cried begging Elmo to stop.
Rip big bird .png
Building fall od.png

He subsequently started to scream when Elmo pulled out a knife and a gun.I started crying uncontrollably when I saw the blood.Elmo, furthermore, said Time to die Bitch bird...He then stabbed and shot big bird to death.Then Kermit the Frog saw all the hyperrealistic blood and said oh shit I am going to die :( .Then elmo said to Kermit get your bitch ass over here. he tired running away and told Elmo you never get me Only I can annihilate me.He ends up jumps off this brick building while doing a t-pose. I cried because he was one of my favorite characters.After he had landed, hyperrealistic blood went everywhere.Elmo said it's time to eliminate the others in demonic voice and then there was static for 34.24 seconds.Then It saw Elmo walking to where the other characters where then I decided this is enough And I took the VHS TAPE out.I even burned the VHS TAPE and I smashed it over and over again with a hammer and I was glad that was over.The clouds where gone and I incorrectly thought it was absolutely over.Boy was I wrong.Right as I was about to merely open the door to my room it suddenly looked. Suddenly I heard thunder outside, and it was raining heavily again then I heard demonic laughter.Then I saw that the VHS tape back it the player and the show kept going on again.Elmo looked and said THERE IS NO Escape. I was now very frightened!Was I made to watch the terrible stuff?Did my whole life lead up to this just to watch this sick crap?I then tired to unplug the tv and the VHS player but that did not work.Elmo said to me This is your destiny there is NO ESCAPE.I once more took the VHS tape and put it in the oven melting it and then I poured it in a bowl and threw it outside.Then to my dismay I found the same VHS player on the table and now it received the words on the back “NO ESCAPE,” I then screamed!

I snatched it and ran and fast as I could for 5 minutes then I found a random spot to bury it and I impaled it with the shovel and covered it in dirt and ran back home.To my horror it was on the table once again and this time it said a “accept your faith put it back in,” I was now shedding hyperrealistic tears off my hyperrealistic face while I walked to the VHS player and put it back in the VHS player.Right as it started I saw the words 666.At that moment the episode started when I tired to stop it.Then It showed Elmo near Zoe.He closed his eyes for 23 seconds Then opened then revealing ultra realistic bloody eyes.Zoe then said Elmo has to give his goldfish to her because “Rocco said so” Elmo then no more.Zoe began desperately crying to get one the adults to forcibly take Elmo’s fish but before she could scream Elmo pulled out a 9mm and shot her.She died and hyperrealistic blood poured everywhere.Elmo then said finally she’s gone...Then elmo went to Abby’s house and went in and Abby was teaching a class and said Elmo can you assist me with the class? Elmo said nothing and just walked in with and evil smile.Next Abby said what is 2 + 2.Subsequently Elmo menacingly said FIND OUT ON YOUR OWN YOU FUCKING BITCH.She then yelled at Elmo to stop swearing.Then Elmo said DID A FEMALE JUST FUCKING TALK BACK TO ME?!SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO THE DISHES BITCH.Abby said how dare you and she started to call 911.I was shocked I had no idea Elmo was a sexist!Before she could call 911.Elmo subsequently pulled out an M16 and said it’s Americanian time and shot everyone in the class to death while blood poured everywhere and brain matter splattered everywhere’s and them he ate her intestine and then let out a demonic scream.


I screamed I started to cry again due to seeing all the blood and guts everywhere.This was to much for me to handle I could not take it anymore I am suffering and it’s needs to end.I pulled out a gun pointing it to my head and then pulling the trigger and then my brain matter pours everywhere and I died.At long last, I thought I was at peace but… then I felt a pull as I was flying up as a ghost it kept pulling me down.HUH?This force kept pulling me back until I reached my deceased body and it put me back in healing me fully.NO PLEASE, I DID NOT WANT TO BE ALIVE WHY DID YOU MAKE ME ALIVE.The force said it’s your destiny of suffering there is NO ESCAPE from it goodbye.I was crying for 5 minutes trying to ignore the tv hoping it was done.Next I heard static that was getting louder and louder and when it stoped it showed Elmo killing the others in the most brutally possible All that was felt where the humans.Then Elmo started acting weird again.Maria went saying hello to elmo.I noticed that Elmo was on cocaine wine while he drank on beer.

She was dreadfully shocked but before she could say something Elmo executes her with the gun. When Elmo said this.I AM TIRED OF THIS NO MORE I FUCKING NUKING THIS TOWN He started screaming a hyperrealistic voice.He would press a button that sent a nuke that looked realistic almost as if they nuked for real sending the poor city back to the caveman era.A blood and guts started to rain Elmo was the last remaining person.The quality got poor and it was staticky for 30 seconds it remained .It was very spooky and made me cry because what was left for Elmo to do he’s killed all the characters.The tv said DON’T look behind you which I do and I see a terrifying sight.It was Elmo doll and looked realistic and then he pulled out a knife and and said it’s time to die.I tried hiding, but it follows me and stabs me in the shoe but lucky I was not hurt by it and took the knife from him and killed the doll with a chainsaw and cut it in half.Blood then poured everywhere.It’s over I thought and then I vomited so much that it’s pukeness was untellable and I try to go to bed but then suddenly the static some and it revealed the face of a hyperrealistic Elmo with bleeding eyes and demonic teeth.It said on the screen YOUR NEXT.I SCREAMED and tired to run away but then Elmo pulled me into the tv my grabbing me by the leg.

Once I was pulled in Elmo was gone And I could see the ashes of the former city.I began to look around then suddenly elmo Appeared out thin dust and began to chase me.He laughed a demonic laugh .Please, Elmo do not kill me!He said You will die this is your faith kid.Then after running I am cornered and Then Elmo said nowhere left to run.He then began choking me.After a while I was able to get my hand to grab a brick and flung it at his head it temporarily stunned him giving time to pray to Shrek.Then after 20 seconds elmo regained consciousness and said nice trying of delaying your death buts it’s time to di-.Then suddenly Elmo was thrown backward it was shrek.Absolutely, shrek listened to my prayer and has came to save me I said in happiness!OH GREAT YOU HAD TO SHOW UP Elmo said in anger.Shrek then said Come on you genuinely thought you will kill.Elmo then there a punch and shrek dodged it with ease and laughed.You going need to try a lot harder then that to get me.Shrek did a body slam on Elmo crushing him but then Elmo kicked shrek back using his feet.Then elmo was on shreks end trying to rip it off but shrek was able to throw Elmo back 30 feet in the ruble.Elmo after getting up did his laugh, but it sounded demonic and unpleasant.He then was spawning clones of himself, and the clones began chasing Shrek.He was smothered in Elmo’s and the seated biting him trying to rip his skin off but then shrek used his ogre breath this then caused the Elmo clones skin to be melted off and die.

Then the remaining clones try do do a final assault at Shrek but then shrek did his Ogre rawr this went on for 10 seconds.Elmo said we still defeat you, surrender and enable me to kill you.Shrek “we?”You and what army.The Elmo’s clones where gone and Elmo said all well I have another weapon that will ruin you!I was very frightened at this point having no idea what would happen next, so I tried to escape but it was no use...Shrek then threw a punch at Elmo sending flying back and then ran to him and punched him again this time knocking him to the ground.As shrek was about to do a body slam on Elmo out of nowhere he pulled out knife and started flying again.He said it’s to late for you.Shrek said ya scared had to pull out your knife doesn’t matter I will still beat ya.Shrek kept throwing punches at Elmo but Elmo kept flying back dodging the punches this goes on for a bit. shrek then said said come on fight stop running away you pussy bitch.Then elmo pulled out a gun he was hiding and shot shrek in the leg.Agh shrek said covering his knee.Elmo said ha ha ha can’t approach me now.Then elmo grabbed a super taser and started operating it on Shrek.He was stunned and then Elmo did the final blow by stabbing him in the chest then shooting him.No!!!


I ran to shrek …He was bleeding and was groaning in pain.No shrek please don’t die I cried!Shrek then shifted his head to me and said argh I am bit in pain right now?look lad the look my layers couldn’t stop the damn knife.Please shrek I know you can live if we ju-.He cut me off “stop and listen I am going to die I can’t survive this injuries” but I have some many memories of you ever since I was a kid ai watched you are one of the most significant parts of my life!He then put his Hand on my shoulder “Don’t cry now that it’s over, smile because it happened all the memories, the good and the bad ones…Shrek was coughing. Tears were now pouring down my face as he began to fade away then Shrek struggled to say something he said humble’s never really ogre.Then shrek fully faded away…Elmo...YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!

I did a secret phone call without him noticing.Then I pulled out a sniper rifle and shot Elmo in the chest he absorbed laughing you can’t defeat me...I know but he can.Then out of the sky appeared, evil PATRIXXX and he flew to elmo .Elmo said his ha ha ha I guess you have to die to.Evil PATRIXX then said you even mentioned me dying?You will die at my hands.Evil PATRIXXX then killed Elmo.He then vanished.Then I was thrown out of the tv and landed on the bed. I saw that blood started to leak from the VHS and then when I opened it was gone.I then vomited then I contacted The creators of Sesame Street to see what the fuck happened.They told that it was created by one of their former interns.The intern was not mentally well and talked about death and was bullied by the creators. They found that the intern killed them selves and next to them was the VHS tape.So this your fault.The response was the secrets out…I next called 911, and the creators of Sesame Street was arrested and they had to hire new ones.I subsequently went to place where I got the VSh tape to ask questions .when I got to the location the house was gone and dirt was there almost as if he never will never be the same now it has been ruined.Every night I now wake up in night terrors and even tried to kill my self failing and badly hurting my self.I gave up on trying to kill myself.Even worse that everyone in my family was brutally murdered and all my friends are dead.My life is meaningless there is nothing I can do…

Part 2:The revenge of the tortured

This was about 1 year later after the part 1

I was sitting on my couch, still not over what happened.Then I heard a knock on the door.It was the mailman he had no face and he gave me a letter and then went away.Huh?I wonder what this is.It was a note”Hello…You're the person who was affected by the VHS tape.I need to alert you with sad news and that Elmo is still out there and needs to be confronted and defeated once and for all.Please avenge us…

I was just flabbergasted reading this but I knew what had to be down I need to release the world of this wicked demon.I required to properly prepare for the forthcoming events that was going to unfold.I grabbed a shotgun, a pistol, an M16, water and food, a flash light, a lighter, a knife and ammo.I walked out my house looking at it one last time before undertaking my quest.On the letter It said to go to the graveyards center which I do and observe the entrance.I go in and start walking cautiously towards the center.Me being the dumbass I am, I end up getting lost and now was in the forest part of the graveyard.I saw a sign after walking a little longer that said “You will never know a skeleton will pop out”Huh?THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT!!! I SCREAMED IN FEAR ALMOST SHITTING MYSELF.I kept on running but I end up tripping daintily and falling over for a while.After I got up I ended up being were I desperately need to be how convenient!I next saw a button that said do not press.I naturally thought this was reserve psychology so I instantly press it anyway.Then I was dust start to from It made it a And the I saw 4 tourches go on 1 by one.At that moment The middle receives lighter fluid and started burning hotly.Then I saw two hyperrealistic looking demons and they falsely said You will inevitably die!I started running frantically and then I saw a portal and I had no choice but to jump in.When I was in it looked like the destroyed Sesame Street Town but it looked Like hell with lava everywhere.Me undoubtedly seeing that nothing was going to go down I decided to smoke some weed and got high.

Afta i finished da weed i went on wit' my fuckin' mission.As i looked 'round i saw a ritual dat was goin' on.They were all da side characta puppets n' humans.They had hyperrealistic blood on 'em n' red bloodshot eyes n' they were chattin' “all hail satan.satan be our leader!”i then said holy shit dis shit be wild.Then i guess they noticed me n' said come join us yo' gotta be da sacrifice fo' satan.I said no fuckin' way.I pulled out my fuckin' pistol n' started shootin' 'em.Hyperrealistic blood poured everywhere.Ta sum dat shit the fuck up i killed 'em.I then found out Who the fuck gave me tha note.Dat shit was tha biatch.I asked her asshole Why the fuck biatch called me.Biatch then said i was tha chosen one ta end dat jerk elmo.I then said listen here yo' biatch i be not goin' ta risk my fuckin' life just ta avenge yo' goddamn dumbasses.Biatch then said do dat shit fo' drek rememba elmo killed drek.I said ok fo' shrek…she then said wait r' yo' high!i told her asshole dat listen here yo' biatch yo' can not tell if i git high or not!she then threw special wata at me n' then i was no longer high.I then thanked her for getting me sober because I need to avenge shrek .I then went on with my mission.I was in this forest and there was this old man and walked to him.He told me he wanted to sell something to me I then saw a red fluffy ball.I said how much does that ball cost.He then said in suspicious voice it’s free for you.I reluctantly decided to blatantly ignore the red flags and took it from him.He said thank you…He subsequently started laughing uneasily it became demonic and evil.Then I saw hyperrealistic blood everywhere, and I saw skeletons dancing in a circle and they were worshipping the devil.I then saw a man get hyperealsticly killed and he was cut in half, his blood and brain matter went everywhere.

I saw a crazy woman laughing hyperrealistly .The woman started forcibly pulling off her hair then she ripped her eyeballs out.I was vomited. She started to rip her skin off eating it then ripping of the muscle and. Then she started forcibly taking apart her bones until she a dead body mush.Then the devil appears behind me, and I looked at him he laughed demon icky and hyperrealistic screams was heard.Then I saw a struggling family get brutally killed with impunity as the were in this complex machine that went so fast it ripped of their skin slowly.I saw hyperrealistic blood fly everywhere as the family cried and went in for on last hug before they died from the blood loss.I vomited enough to feed a army.

The devil said something to me in a language I do not understand.he said Рука тьмы бросает на тебя свою тень, навеки ходи по миру в моем вероучении, и делай, как я, ты станешь непобедимым, как и должно, прокляни мир света и задохнись в моей укрывающей черноте, твой мир принадлежит тебе, но мой контроль абсолютен, прокляни тех, кто рядом с тобой, и присоединись к моим силам, и приведи темные века.I was confused, and I begged for my life.Then I rapidly translated it to English.You copied sonic.exe you are a bitch ass devil.Pussyass devil can’t even come up with your on mysterious message.He then screamed hyperrealistic.He inadvertently said he would spare my life if Killed Elmo.


I asked the devil why you want him dead.The devil said at demonic party hangout elmo will not stop referencing dead memes like Among us and he keeps genuinely trying to present sonic adult graphic comics.In one case while he was looking fiercely a comic that was sonic and Amy doing 18+ adult things and he well…He then whispered to me in my ear what Elmo did.Ew what the fuck is wrong with him IN THE DIPPING SAUCE?!That motherfucker is unpleasant!Wait how did you identify the exact sonic characters he...Well, you know what!After he did what he did, he ran away and the title gave it away.Dang, that sucks I will kill the nasty motherfucker.The devil waved goodbye to me and I went on with my humanitarian mission.After a while of walking I ended up in Sesame Street again and I inadvertently found a humble cabin that was not there before.I entered it, and I was a gruesome sight it was cookies monsters dead body and his head was removed.I saw a note and what it stated made me sick.Look This shit is fucked up and very disgusting.What the hell is Elmo’s problem!

I snitched cookies monsters head back on and shocked him.He then woke up and started screaming hysterically.I quieted him down and told him the bad news Cookie Monster started getting angry.He found out that Elmo ate all his cookies and he was fucking furious!HE MY COOKIE HE MUST DIE!!!I told Cookie Monster to calm down and said it’s better Idea to come up with a plan instead just facing him head on.


I then came up with a plan.It would involve persuading him to follow us then, Then he would be executed.Me and Cookie Monster start walking outside, the air was cold and the clouds were dark.Then from the sky spawned Elmo floating and 2 clones.Cookie monster jumped and grabbed the clones, and body slammed them killing them but killing him the process.He avenged his cookies I suppose?Him but now you Elmo this fight is between us.I pulled out my rifle and started shouting at him only wounding him.GaRHH Elmo said letting out a flame out of his mouth ostensibly aiming the burning flames at me.I managed to bypass them by running very fast.Then he tried to fly and punch me, but I moved out of the way and he hit his body on a wall stunning him.I then shot at him 4 times before he began to fly again.He started going lighting fast using as a distinct advantage to get hits on me he then flew into my head temporarily stunning me.I knew damned I had to slow him down otherwise I would promptly lose.Then I correctly saw it on his exposed feet was his wings which do not make him fly but good really fast.I had to ruin his unique ability to fly fast or else I would undoubtedly lose!I start aiming my rifle at him pause for the suitable moment to shot.Then after he had missed, I was able to shot of his speed boost.He screamed hysterically in emotional pain and then he produces a ultra omega hyperrealistic demonic scream, and the world starts shaking.The area we are at melted and there was one platform surrounded by boiling lava.I was out of ammo, so I tossed my firearms into the lava.I pulled out my knife and cross stabbed him on his side chest.He Roared and knocked it into the lava getting rid my weapon but hurting himself in the process.

At that time he did a surprise head-but into me promptly knocking me off my feet and moving us towards the edge of the platform.Elmo demonically laughed It is over for you, time for you to die!I thought it was all over…Then this happened.I seemed to be stuck in time unable to move but was aware of my proper surroundings.At that time It Shrek instantly appeared.Shrek!I said in overwhelming joy you're alive.Shrek said “No I am not I have made so time does not go own”Shrek this is hopeless what am I supposed to do?!He justly said I didn't have much longer, but he said Rember…the light…He then vanished.At that moment I recognized what he scarcely meant by use the light.Time went on again, and Elmo instantly started to try to force my head in the lava.I frantically grabbed out my flashlight and put it towards his sunken eyes.He screamed hysterically in unbearable pain as the light blinded him.Then I used my legs to kick him upwards, then before he could regain consciousness, I jumped up high in the air and then with all the force I could I punched him down.This blow then sent him going down very fast and he ended up in the lava.He screamed hysterically in pain as his flesh melted off”K.O”.It’s been done the demon that killed shrek is dead.The lava disappeared.

And it became sunny.This forever changes my philosophical viewpoint on the modern world.On that occasion I went to hell again to tell them Elmo was killed.Everyone started cheering, and a party was arranged for me for mercilessly killing That miserable bastard Elmo.Me and satan grabbed a beer bottle, and we both drank our beer, we drunk enough to not get drunk.I merely asked satan were Elmo goes to after he died.He told be his soul was erased from existence from hell hell after they found all these sonic 18+ comic of Sonic, Amy and Sally having a-uhh I Tell you when you are more elderly or you can put two and two together.He said there was 20 other of the comics of the 18+ sonic comics and they will be burnt fiercely to get rid of anything that prompts people of Elmo.Satan and I subsequently had one final beer to enthusiastically celebrate the death of Elmo and the world being stablized.Then a skeleton popped out”BOO”

Also if you ever find a Elmo vhs tape destroy it right away I do not want the things that happened to me to happen to you.However…you know of the events…you knew the risks of reading this…Your next…

The end

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