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The image at the end of the damned episode

I was at the Family Video store and found an old "Sesame Street" VHS tape. I bought it, but I made a big mistake just by doing that. I should've just bought a DVD instead, as VHS tapes are obsolete but I bought it anyway because why not.

It basically was a compilation of skits that they had a terrifying twist from an early Sesame Street episode. The cover had a picture of Big Bird followed by a bear.

However, I didn't pay attention to the "Not Suitable For young audiences" label on it, as I thought some stupid teen stuck the label there as a freaking joke.


In the beginning, Elmo welcomes us to Sesame Street, but the background is red. Big Bird runs across a bridge with water underneath. He was missing his eye and I saw it in the water, and a slower, demonic version of the Sesame Street theme song started to play. Elmo eats the organs out of a man, laughing while he's doing it. The next scene shows Cookie Monster in a cookie facility, where cookies are made out of people. After that, shows Ernie squeezing his Rubber Ducky so hard that its head flies off. Ernie then eats it. Afterwards, the theme song returns to normal, and the red background disappears But when Grover starts flying as Super Grover, he crashed into an airplane and it exploded. The music becomes slower and more demonic, and the background is red again.

Skits and Their Twists

  • Kermit's B Sound Lecture: The skit starts normally but when Beautiful Day Monster yawns, the screen faded to white and reveals a background becoming flames causing the B to melt. Beautiful Day Monster's mouth resembles a demonic eyeball, his eyes we're pitch black with white pupils and Beautiful Day Monster starts to scream.
Beautiful Day Monster in the first skit.
  • Cracks: The skit starts normally but when everyone see Crack Master sleeping, he's about to bleed and he rips the heads of the Camel, Chicken, Monkey, and the Woman off.
  • Mutant Rabbit: There are no trees and people get eaten alive by the rabbit.
  • I'm Lost: The shape shifting guy doesn't appear, and a stranger kidnaps a woman and kills her.
  • Bob, Luis, and the Train: When the train hits the screen, it becomes covered with human organs. A bloodcurdling scream is heard, as if someone is being murdered.
  • Pattern Completion: The Pattern Space, when revealed, makes the sound of a demonic laugh.
  • Wet Paint: Everyone sings in a rather depressing way, and the paint doesn't look like paint at all. It resembles blood.
  • Ogre Hill: The creature eating the apples is a skeleton with pieces of organs hanging loosely on him, and the Ogre has no pupils in his eyes.
  • Annie and Arthur Look for an A: When the guy holding cards collapses at the end it shows him dead, with a knife in his chest.
  • Daddy Dear: The girl asks two disturbing questions: "Should we die?" (The answer is yes.) "Will humanity come to a end?" (Yes.)
  • Fat Cat Sat Mat: The three Muppets force the interrupting character in a wood chipper.
  • And Now, The Octopus: The Octopus is bloodstained.
  • The Mystery Box: The box had a noose, and Cookie Monster hanged himself from it.
  • Count to 10 with Nobody: The skit starts normally, but when Nobody gets to six, he says it three times and the screen cuts to static, which lasts for five seconds. Nobody then says, "I'm coming for you! tralalalala! I'm coming for you!" in a very demonic whisper.
  • In the Box: The monster in the box (Fred) bites Grover's head off. Grover's brain was exposed and Fred eats it, but he is somehow still alive, and walks off.
  • Ernie Searches for Rocks: Fred bites off Ernie's head and then he dies a long, painful death.
  • 3 Balls: The three balls fall on spikes, they began to bleed and they are skewered like kebabs. They are left to die a long, painful, bloody death.

Scene one comes before the skits.

Elmo sits on a step on a sunny day, with a sad look on his face. Mr. Hooper comes up to him, and ask him what is wrong, Elmo yells at him to leave him alone. Mr. Hooper leaves, and Elmo picks up a gun after 30 seconds of utter silence. Everyone tells Elmo not to commit suicide, they take his gun, but then Elmo decides to jump off a cliff, Elmo hits his head on a very sharp rock, he starts to scream in agony as it feels like his brain is collapsing, then he dies and his corpse falls in a river, slowly rotting. He then whispers "I'm coming..."

Scene 2

After the skits, it cuts to Sesame Street being hit by an nuclear bomb, after that violent explosion, it cuts to an horrifying image of the cast, and it went to black for 20 seconds and the episode ends.


I was shocked in fear I keep it because I don't want to be sue, I put the tape in the box and lock it I will never watch this tape again.

The End.

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