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Shadow-Wolf also known as the Dread-wolf is a tall creature of unknown origin and is known to be aggressive towards anything, a cult who worships this creature would often sacrifice people by hanging them by their necks with a symbol carved into their chests and would often leave offerings to it, shadow wolf is found in many place's such as forests abandoned place's and has been rumored to have been among us for thousands of years, or at least we think he has, SCP foundation has had a few attempts to detain this creature since 4/10/2010 but always failed, it toke less than 20 seconds for the creature to kill the SCP foundation men who tried to detain it.

People who often encounters this creature and lived to tell the tail has explained that this creature has many abilities such as vanish, speed durability and strength. and has mentioned that bullets do not harm this creature, but actually pisses it off, many people who ignored these warnings would often be found dead the next morning in the most terrifying ways, one time authorities found a dead body of one of its victims all cut up in piece's and impaled on the very top of a tree.

only 30% of the people who encountered it survived, and 50% died and the SCP foundation has labeled this creature as very hostile and must be avoided, but due to the government forbidding them from going world wide about the warnings people would often run into this creature and half of them are bunch of teenagers breaking and entering to abandoned place's where they were unlucky enough to actually spot this creature and some times they would be found dead, or traumatized and sometimes found injured.

Sighting of 1963

in 1963 a man and his wife heard glass breaking at the middle of the night, 3:00 AM in fact, the sound woke them up is what they said, they described everything saying that they looked around until they saw it, the creature was standing at their bedroom door looking at them, he was about 8 ft tall standing there as if he was waiting, then suddenly police sirens started to blare through the window, the creature then screamed then darted through their bedroom window, the man and his wife was taken into questioning soon after that


Credited to EntityAnimationsTV

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