Shadow Lurker

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Notice: This story is tagged with the "Unfunny" category. The only reason it's still up on this site is because the admins are keeping it as an example of how not to write a trollpasta; in any other case we would have deleted it. Don't write stories like this, folks.

Author's note: Before you ask, this IS a trollpasta, and I MEANT for it to be a trollpasta, I couldn't think up of anything else, so, sorry if this is "not good" or "not entirely scary" to you, otherwise please enjoy

Now you all know about that unnerving internet meme "Uninvited House Guest" or also know as the "Shadow Lurker" I assume, now not many people know of its existence, but, I lived to tell the tale.

It happened on summer, during my summer vacation I looked on the news for the weather to see if it's not too hot to go to the beach, the anchor man mentioned about horrendous murders and even some organs removed from the body, and when the organs were found they had a black ooze on them, now I didn't know it was the Shadow Lurker, I thought it was some sick fuck, so I called ADT to install the security system, day after day there were more horrendous killings, each more gruesome than the last.

He finally reached my door, while I was asleep I heard foot steps, I took my Barrett 50 cal, when I met him, face to face, I knew who the killer was... no one I thought of being real... the Shadow Lurker... I started shooting but he kept on dodging, and when the bullet hit him, as expected his arm flew off but what I didn't expect was that he could reattach his arms, I fled my house before he could even light it on fire.

On the TV news it said that a woman was attacked, dissected and torn apart, with what looked like black saliva on her face, when they described the woman it sounded like my girl friend! So today... till the end of life... I will get back at that demonic son of a bitch... I will murder him and then sell his organs to the black market... as revenge will be mine...

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