Shrek: The Fifth

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Dreamwork Animation's extremely popular, and successful movie saga ended at 4 movies, 4 short films. Many fans were pissed off with DreamWorks, but what little of them knew, is that it was suppose to go up to 5 movies... they stopped at 4 for reasons I will tell you soon.

The animation was started for Shrek Forever After, so Josh Klausner, Darren Lemke (the writers of Shrek 4), and Ted Elliott (the writer of the first Shrek movie) started work on the screenplay of the 5th, and the last Shrek movie. The final script turned out fine, and the storyboard artists started work on the storyboard. Everything was running smoothly until, a new animator joined the team... his name was Alan Phillips.

He seemed normal at first, but he started to get odd a while after they started on the animation, some other employees described him as a "Fruitcake", and a "Nut".

6 months meanwhile (late 2009), the animation was done. It was now time for the editor to do his role in the production of Shrek 5.

The editor, director, and a handful of producers were all gathered around a TV, as they started watching the animation. It was 1hr 46mins long.

The movie started with Shrek waking up in his bed, he seemed rather happy. He rolled over to wake up Fiona,

"Wake up hone-"only to realize she wasn't there. His happy smile, sunk into a sad frown. His eyes opened wide.

He got out of his bed, and walked out of the room, lying on the ground was donkey, whom he expected to of been sleeping.

He said "Donkey, have you seen my wife?"... Donkey didn't reply....

Shrek said the same thing, but a bit louder and angrier than before.

He bent over and shook donkey, "Donkey!"

He flipped Donkey over, only to realize there had been a large hole in the center of his stomach, but there was no organs inside. Blood gushed out of the hole, and Shrek quickly dropped his body, Shrek started tearing up, which eventually turned into him crying.

Shrek sat down for around ten seconds, then got back up, he stopped crying, but he was still sad.

He walked into the kitchen and saw Fiona, laying on the oven, along with Gingy. Both of their faces were melted onto the oven.

Shrek fell to the ground, and started sobbing... but it was louder than anything anyone could have done acting for. He covered his eyes with his palms, and his sobbing got louder and grainier fast.

Shrek started throwing up, and bleeding from the eyes. His crying turned into laughing. After 5 minutes of crying, puking, bleeding, and laughing, he became silent for half a minute.

He looked at the screen, revealing two bloodshot eyes, honeydew colored skin, a frightening smile, blood splattered all over his face, clothing and palms and knuckles, and a rotting teeth. His stare was scary enough to make anyone have nightmares.

Shrek got up, and walked to his cutlery cabinet. He pulled out a sharp butcher knife, and started hacking at his flesh, and started to cut off his limbs. Finally, he took the knife and cut out his eyes, as blood gushed out of the empty sockets.

Images of dead children, and babies start flickering on and off.

He laughed; nonstop until... he dropped, like a rock.

The rest of the movie was Shrek's body lying on the ground, slowly starting to rot.

They were absolutely disgusted, two of the five producers with us threw up on the ground, another one fainted, and the director ran out of the room.

He went over to the animators and asked them about the movie, none of them knew what he was talking about... except Adam Phillips. He knew exactly what he was talking about, the director took suspicion of him, and checked through his computer, and sure enough, found an animation file containing exactly what they had watched.

He also started to look through other people's computers, but noticed, there WAS no animation file of Shrek 5, many of the animators were sad and angry, because of all the sweat, and work they put into the animation for it only to be deleted.

And although they have no proof it had been Adam, they all expected it to have been.

The director contacted the boss, and told him about the whole thing, soon enough... Adam was fired.

As this all took place, the other two producers killed themselves. One shot himself, the other jumped from a building.

Only one of the producers kept his job, as the other two producers, the director, and the editor quit their job at Dreamworks afterwards.

But before the director left, he deleted the animation file.

How do I know of all this, you may wonder....? Well, one of the producers is a great friend of mine, so after he quit his job, he told me about the "movie", and how it would continue to mess with his life from then on.

Written by Habergeon
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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