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Way back in early 1975, Animation Company Soft Taco Animations LLC worked on a childrens show called "Silly Taco". The show was about the main character, Silly Taco, and his friends who got in all sorts of mischeif. It only lasted for 2 episodes...

The content you are about to read comes from a blog, started back in 2004 by a man who got his hands on a tape containing the 2 of the Silly Taco episodes.

The man shot himself, after posting his last post.

Episode 1, 2/21/75 (8:34pm, March 1st 2004)

For starters, this blog is dedicated to a show I found, that was created back in the 70s, that started normal at first, but got so morbid it ended at 4 episodes...

The show as about a jolly, happy-go-lucky taco named Silly Taco, and his friends who were all kids, and the adventures they went on. So it was a kids show.

The first episode of the series started with a title card, with the names of the producers, and writers, and the director along with two titles one above the other, "Silly Taco" and "Episode 1: Pilot".

After the title card, Silly and some friends were sitting around a camp fire, singing songs and telling stories, when one of the children pushes another. Silly tells him that that was not nice, and he should apoligize. The bully apoligizes.

They continune singing, the episode started getting grainy so I couldn't make up what happened next.

After a while however, the grain went away, and Silly patted one of the kids on the back who seemed to be crying.

The episode ended there

Episode 2, 4/11/75 (5:22pm, March 3rd 2004)

This episode started with Silly tucking his friends into bed, telling them a story, turning off the light, and walking out.

It cut to the morning, but no kids were there. Silly was shocked, scared and sad. He walked out of the room, and started walking around, as he walked the detail went down, and everything seemed more sad.

The sound started to get louder, and grainier.

But all of a sudden it became ear piercing loud and the graphic quality dropped. Silly stopped in place, and found a head of one of his friends, he started to sob.

The sobbing got louder, and sadder until it transformed into an actual cry.

He started to get sadder and sadder and sadder.

Until he feel to the ground, and sobbed louder and more realistic than anything that could have been recorded then, and even now.

He started to shake and pull out a gun.

He pointed it to his head and said, "life is a gift, of which you can always return" and pulled the trigger.

But instead of beef and cheese blood splattered out.

He fell and lyed on the ground motionless.

The audio was gone, and the camera started to zoom out until it cut to black.

The episode ended.

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