Slender vs Ninja Turtles

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We're the mutant teenage ninja turtles, the protectors of New York, we move stealthy, like a snake searching for its prey.

We're searching for some tall guy with tentacles in a suit, if that wasn't odd enough, he seems to be faceless.

The night was very quiet, until a bunch of tentacles went from nowhere and tried to kill us.

Donatello goes striking one by the time, Michelangelo it's eating pizza in the dark, Raphael is cutting tentacles with his twin Sais and I'm holding my katana in a relaxed position waiting for the perfect moment to attack.

One tentacle almost killed Raphael, but I cut it just before it could attack Raph, then the tentacles just faded into the night.

We were tired so we wanted some pizza, but Michelangelo ate all the pizza in the world and I killed him, Splinter complained so killed him too.

April said: "You can't just kill people you don't like, I know you're angry 'cause you couldn't stop the Slenderman, I have a plan, try to kill the Slenderman again" that bitch didn't know a shit about the world, you can't just kill Slenderman, I said : "This is my plan, shut your vagina and go to fuck yourself".

I grabbed Spiderman and I said: "Don't move Slenderman, or I'm going to kill Spiderman" in one second a tentacle killed Spiderman. That asshole killed Spiderman, I mean, I wasn't going to shoot, I mean, you don't kill Spiderman.

Then the world exploded and everybody dies, end.

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