Slenderman Goes to Los Angeles

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One night in Los Angeles the Slenderman made an appearance to claim some new victims. He first goes to the ghetto ass neighborhood of South Central to hunt down new victims. He confronts two men and he began to posses them. But them one of them breaks free of his spell and thus the Slenderman got his ass shot up and had to run away. Just another day in LA.

Slenderman was like,"Faq dat shit" and he left the neighborhood. Then he got spotted by two cops. The cops began to chase after him,  they pinned Slenderman down but you know that old Slendy. He never gives up. He fights off the cops because he was like "Faq da police." 

Anyway he escapes the cops only to end up hiding in an abandon building. He explored the building only to find a group of cocaine dealers. The drug dealers pulled out their guns and began to fire at Slenderman.

"Come back you faceless crackah!!!", said one of the crack dealers.

Slenderman somehow escapes the  drug dealers and escapes into a dark alley only to get mugged and got his ass beat by a group of Crips.

He escapes the Crips and Slender says to himself, "Faq L.A I'm going to Tijuana."

The end.

Written by CreepJohn 

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