Slenderman Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup

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So one day slenderman's friend's BEN and Jeff told him not to watch 2 girls 1 cup. Slenderman asked why not. BEN simply replied "it's disgusting." "I do disgusting things to people, what could be so bad about it." Said Slenderman. So then Slenderman went him to watch the video.

Slendermans reaction.

Slender man watched the video. After the experience Slenderman thought to himself, that he can torture people like this. So he hid in the forest waiting for kids. He saw 2 women. "Perfect thought Slenderman." He kidnapped the women and made them do what happened in the video. Since they weren't tied up, they escaped. One woman got killed the other got away.

What happened next you ask. (you probably don't)

The woman who escaped tried to post what happened on creepypasta but was simply rejected because of the spin off rules, and the fact that the story would best be on trollpasta instead of spinpasta. She knew no one would believe her on trollpasta because trollpasta is THE BEST PASTA WIKI SITE EVAR! Slender man hired Jeff to kill her. She was found dead in her house with *how can i make this so you don't laugh, urine no that's to funny* pee on her face. The police officers studied her more and then her Skeleton popped out and the world blew up the end. And how do i know all of this.

BECAUSE I WAS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not really i was a guy who saw it all.

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