Slendy's Family Tree

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It began with Slenderman,

Whose older brother is Splendorman,

Whose grandpa is Suspenderman,

Whose tailor is Menderman,

Whose uncle is Phil, who everyone leaves out. He's a tax attorney.

Whose English teacher great uncle is Comprehenderman,

Whose second cousin is a kitchen appliance enthusiast and owns the smoothy shop down the road, Blenderman,

Whose butler is Cleanserman,

Whose cousin is Trenderman,

Whose stepbrother is Criminal Offender Man,

Whose nephew from Japan is Tsunderman,

Whose store clerk step brother is Vendorman,

Whose acrobatic nephew is Benderman,

Whose mailman 2nd cousin twice removed is Senderman,

Whose third cousin who always lets everyone borrow his things Lenderman,

Whose distant cousin that is excellant with the barbeque but highly emotional Tenderman,

Whose nerdy larping friend is Pretenderman,

Whose great-great-great-great-great-great grandpa one removed SlenDERPman,

Whose Youtube sensation father-in-law is Will-It-Blend-erman,

Whose security guard is Defenderman,

Whose facebook obsessed sister is Frienderman,

Whose uninsured carwreck nightmare neighboor is Fenderbenderman,

Whose nephew is Bartenderman,

Whose athletic work out buddy is Contenderman,

Whose British lawyer is Defenderman (Who shares a name with the OTHER Defenderman),

Whose pro yoga instructor is Benderman,

Whose Jamaican relative is SlendaMon,

Whose coffee joint guy who always ruins the coffee is Splendaman,

Whose forgetful uncle is Rememberman,

Whose tree-hugging hippie buddhist brother Zenderman,

Whose rejected cousin is Surrendorman,

Whose uncle (?) is Genderbenderman,

Whose always-in-debt cousin is Spenderman,

Whose digital artist nephew is Renderman,

Whose friendly neighbor is Spider-man,

Whose half brother is Gingerman,

Whose nibling is Genderman,

Whose child is Kinderman,

And it all ends with Slenderman's apprentice and companion, Enderman.

They all star in a show called Keeping up with the Slendashians.

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