Slendytubbies 3 death edition

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greetings my name is agnus and i am writing this to warn the world to never download slendytubbies 3 death edition you might know me from another story that i posted here to warn the public "JONATHAN2001 the spooky adming" i think that i am going to start hunting legends likes this so i can warn every single on of you in a heroic act

once day i decided to open up slendytubbies 3 a new update add been realesed i tought to myself that they might have brought the multiplayer back this time and it was the reality!

i spent hours playing the multiplayer mode collecting custards and killing newborns with guns

but there was a problem lots of hackers started popping into the game i got really spooked i pissed my pants and bleed and just when i was getting very incested in the gameplay the server shuted down so i bleed

i was really upset so i searched on youplug to find a mod to play slendytubbies 3 i found this youplug video "while i wa searching for a youplug video" so i searched how to play slendytubbies 3 multiplayer on 2023 so i found a video called "how to play slendytubbies 3 multiplayer on 2023"

i started watching the video and the youplugger started showing how to do this he me to download a file called Slendytubbies3deathedition.exe i got scared so i pissed and bleed myself but then i looked at the channels name and the channel's name was dj gaylord

what a familiar name it might be a reference from my previous doccumentary wich pretty much unscared me

so i download the file it took 6 minutes and 66 seconds while the game wes downloding i felt a strange feeling like i was being watched by 100 drunk pit bulls after being drunk

when the spooky game finelly download i started extracted it

i got very incested on this i needed to play slendytubbies 3 multiplayer on 2023

when i opened the game the screen started glitching and heard pretty unspooky noises wich spooked the living shit out of me so i decided to commit suicide and i died

but then i woke up and i was alive and i started downloading and extracting the game witouth questioning anithing

when i opened the game there was a hyper realistic guardian his fur was cum white and he had realistic blood eyes so i started bleeding and pissed myself

but then my mother entered the room and explained to me how horror games and creepy pastas were made to brain wash peoples into becoming homiesides and suicidals i told her that she was dumb so she started beating the living shit out of me i think that i started bleeding after that but then guardian jumped out of the screen and killed my mother

so i ignored what just happend and i joined the game of collect mode

when i jointed the game it appeared on the shat that a person named heroin brian "infamous minecraft legend" said "you are the next one"

when that happend i didn't start bleeding neither i pissed my self i got really mad because i didn't so i decided to beat the living shit of my little brother while he was playing the famoud horror game "garten of ban ban" he told me that he would get his revenge and that my pancreas was his

i politely told him to shut the fuck up and to commit suicide

so i continued playing the game when i collected the first custard it appeared on screen "error 405"

i got pretty spooked so i decided to break my pc with a hammer but when i was about to hit it with a hammer my pc glitched and glitched hand came out of it and vaporized my hammer

so i countinued playing the game so i countingued playing the gay

when i collected more 3 custards a player named "tinky winky" joined the game

i asked to him if i could be his garfield and told him that he was my man and that i had been simpimg for him for months and that i shipped him a lot with guardian

we started making out his lips tasted like salty nuts with a bit of paperika

this evil hacker then with a realistic shat mesages told me to be a good girl and to blow my school up i witouth realising thati was being brainwashed by this evil hacker that was invanding the servers of multiple gams i accpeted his weird request

so i went to the houses of dipsy lala and po we killed dipsy because he was the inferior telletubie

so i went to school and started writing "agnus the crazy one is going to blow this school up" me and the tubbies started to tell the kids on my school that they should participate to

so in the next monday we blew up the school but then a tinky winky with realistic eyes appeared and killed the tubbies

i realised that what i had done was wrong so wen the cops told me that what i was doing was wrong it told them that it was the creepy pasta's fault they belived on me and i was seen like an innocent victim that was manipulated by the evil violent videogames into beating my brother killing my mother and kabooming my school

the end

Written by Mandy13
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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