Smile Dog Spinoffs No One Thought Of

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Add away, People! Same rules as the Jeff lists.

The List

Smiledog Gets Neutered

Smile Assimilates Slendy

The Balloonatic claims another victim!

Smiledog Meets The Balloonatic

Smile Bites The Mailman

Smile Thinks He's A Fish

Smile Thinks He's A Beach Boys Album

Smile Wants To Go To Jupiter

Smiledog Is Jealous Of Jeff's Spinoff Lists

Smiledog Meets Scooby Doo

Smiledog Orders A Happy Meal

Smiledog Licks His Balls

Smiledog Frowns

Smiledog Drinks From The Toilet

Smiledog Attempts To Edit This Article

Smiledog attempts to locate the edit button

Smiledog Wears Booties

Smiledog Pees On Slendy, Thinking He's A Tree

Smiledog Leaps A Building In A Single Bound

Smiledog Wears An Emabrassing Doggie Sweater

Smiledog Licks Peanut Butter Off The Rake's Claws

Smiledog Wears An Elizabethian Collar

Smiledog Goes To The Pound

Smiledog Becomes A Were-Human

Smiledog Gets His Nose Rubbed In It

Smiledog Attempts To Catch That GODDAMN Squirrel

Smiledog Guides a Blind Man (Doesn't End Well)

Smiledog Tries To Play 3DS And Gives Up Because He Has No Thumbs

Smiledog's Dentist

Smiledog Bites BACK

Smiledog Is Frightened By A Blowing Leaf

Smile Dog Thinks the Jeff Spinoffs are Better

Smile Dog Sits in a Dog House Chewing an Elk Bone and Drinking LSD

Smile Dog is Too Young to Make an Account. Even in dog years.

Smile Dog Humps Jeff's Leg

Smiledog Gets The Mange

Smiledog Plays Dead

Smiledog Rolls Around In Stinky Dead Fish

Smiledog Does Not Fetch A Stick

Smiledog Is Shaved Bald

Smiledog's Bath

Smiledog Gets Put Down.

Smiledog Chases His Tail

Smiledog is put to sleep. THEND!

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