Sonic.EXE:2 At arms

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My 1st pasta was rated for blacklist at XD So now im posting it here.

I do not own SEGA,

Plus this is a fanmade.

The reawakening

It started off as a fun day in the fall,my girlfriend CJ was over at my house and we were playing some sonic games,we loved sonic but we especially loved his games they were the best platformers we could of ever played but something was different..when we were playing Sonic 3 there was an HUGE Arrow on the screen that pointed to the entrance door of the house..It was strange so I didnt go to my door I thought it was just a me and my girlfriend continued playing.

But then a strange man knocked on my door..He was in rags suffering from hunger and his eyes were red (Like when there is a parasite in your contacts that eat your eye) And he was holding out his computer and a gamedisc..It was a sonic game on that disc so i automatically took it..but i was thinking about the old computer..doesnt this man still want his computer..? Or is there a virus on it..

"Look Matt I have no time!" Tom said

"...How do you know my name" I asked

"HE..Told me your name.." Tom answered

"Who is h-" I got stricked off

Tom then ran away from my door crying about what he did..I didnt know what he did but it seemed awkward I havent heard on this sonic gamedisc before..Im thinking of playing it later so im going to play it in a few hours after my girlfriend leaves cause im afraid she's going to Nag me for it..But I did put the computer down and think to go to my labtop and watch some lets plays but what would my girlfriend do..? I dont want to leave her bored or lying around unamused at my house.

"I think im going to leave matt" CJ Said

"No...! Why?!" I asked

"Well...its um..("JUST LEAVE ALREADY YOU BITCH" Something whispered in her head)Its nothing matt..I just have to go"

"Well okay bye.." I said sadly

Well I dont have anything to do now so I'll just play this gamedisc..labtop..gamedisc..labtop...gamedisc I didnt know which one but since im the ultimate sonic fan i'll play the disc..I booted on my Sega CD...But it looked like a computer disc but i didnt care I was eager to play the game. When I start the game i see something horrifying..(This isnt the 1st sonic.exe by the way) I saw sega 666 instead of sega 1991..I thought it was a little awkward since I am a christian but I continued playing..And then I was the title screen..I saw red it was blood and I saw three heads in the water..Eggman,Tails and knuckles but after that I focused on the main creepy thing about the title screen. The bloodstain Sonic he had blood on his arms on his head..and his eyes were black and his pupils were red..I was spamming the off button on my SegaCD But it didnt work so I decided to play it..even though I knew i was going to regret it.

Act one was called YOU,And so I started playing..but it was with shadow..I never knew Shadow was in a classic sonic game that wasnt sonic adventure 2. Although the music playing in the background was Hill Top Zone...Reveresed..I was obsessed with this song..for no reason I cant stop thinking of it..ever since that first messed up sound I couldnt get it out of my head..

"Stop being a bitch and help me fool!" Shadow said

"..........Y-Your..T-Talking..T-TO...ME?" Matt said

Shadow then ran through the stage it was like marble zone..he ran through it and shortly after one of the checkpoints..Shadow started crying..shadow never cries so thats how I knew this game was a fan-made fake game just to scare me..a hoax..yeah a hoax. Soon Sonic tails and knuckles appeared they're eyes were all black and al they're pupils were red,They yelled "We're sonic heroes" But in a more demonic voice and deeper voice than usual and Shadow then Screamed like hell and the screen turned to black..And then It had writing on it that said "He's a fool for thinking he can beat me.." In blood stain Text.

I was freaked out..But still I could play through and get through this..being the 15 year old I am I countinued playing with no fear..But..that soon became a lie after this..The other character you play as is...NAZO?!..Since Nazo was a Pre-character in Sonic X, people assumed he was a villan cause of his shouldnt sonic be on nazo's side or is he going to kill Nazo Like he killed Shadow..?

The second act was called "CANT" I played through this level quitely enjoyed it..It was wasnt creepy or scary or was just a regular normal cool like level..but after I got to the banner of eggman I found something creepy..The 50 ring chaos emerald ring was grey and robotnik wasnt on the banner..Sonic was and after i jumped through the 50 Ring Chaos emerald ring I appeared in what seemed like a dream..Nazo Shadow Sonic Tails and Knuckles were staring at the screen..I thought it was awkward but then..Sonic pointed out to the screen and said.."Matt your next" In a demonic creepy voice...

I then thought to myself.."Why the fuck did this guy give me this disc if he knew what it was going to do...?" I didnt even think about after that..I then stared at the computer he gave me wondering if this game is still on it..if its on it..or if its a creepy reversed song like Hill Top Zone..A voice on the TV Screen yelled "DONT GO TO THE COMPUTER" It..sounded like amy..but amy wasnt in the game..So i wondered if it was an illusion..or if she was there..just un-touched by Sonic..

I then froze in my stop and didnt go to the computer..I played as Sonic next..after that little cutscene..It seemed that Tails,Knuckles,Nazo,and Shadow were praying to sonic..they were on they're knees begging for mercy..So I took a knife...and chopped..Tails's tails off..It..felt...good..Then i chopped knuckles's hands off..that felt a little awkward knowing how knuckles is always...! After that i came to Nazo I then chopped his quills off and then there was shadow...

I was going to take my time with this one..I strapped him to a tree painted the red parts of his quills white and put black liquild (Like mephiles) Into him..Now I have to do this since its part of the game and I dont really want to but..More like..Have to..Soon after that..Japenese Text..Came on the screen..that said


It..had my name in it..Im still wondering why today..But all I know is that now the next thing I have to do is..that..Computer..After that weird japenese message On the screen..the screen then showed text that said

" think this is a Hoax..your simply scared of me..just check on your dreams tonight..boy.."

The screen then flashed black and white and went to the orignal sonic CD Game..I played it..but then the creepy message popped up..the one with a weird sonic face and japenese writing like..not the sonic.exe one just..Lettering.. I didnt know what it ment so I tried turning off my SegaCD again..and this worked..its just that now the computer automatically Turned on with the creepy message and hill top zone reversed..

[part 2 will be out soon] ~Evo

Credited to SafetyTorch 

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