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This is the origin story to Sonic.exe. Add something if you want to. If you thought this was okay as a start, it will only get worse. If you want to add something here, go ahead. Just remember, the story has too end with Sonic becoming Sonic.exe. And we have to have a Goldpingas in there somehow. Other than that, have fun.

The Start

Sonic was only ten years old when he saw the thing that would make him hunt down Robotnik and all his servants for the rest of his life. A goal that would make him evantually worse than Robotnik himself.

He was walking around after his friend Rogue the Bat was playing tag with him. He was trying to hide from her, so he hid in a tree. "Sonic, come on out. This isn't hide and seek." Sonic didn't want to give himself away, so he still kept hiding in the tree until he took a misstep. With that misstep, Sonic fell down a small hole and he had to catch a small root before he reached the bottom of the ground. "Rogue help me!" Sonic yelled and Rogue the Bat was silent for a little while. "I'm next to the tree. But I fell in. Help me."

Rogue was silent a moment longer and went over to the exact same tree that Sonic hid in every time while they were playing tag. A trick that only got her the first one or two times it happened. But she still played easy with the guy, since she was two years older than him. Her mother always told her to go easy on your younger friends. When she pulled Sonic out of the hole, she looked at him. "You need to stop doing that. Soon, you will fall too far into the hole and you will never be able to get out of it."

Rogue led him to have some ice cream. They talked about the one time Sonic did beat her in tag and it was actually fair game. "If you cheat, people won't like you. You need to do everything with sincere passion. Not just pull that easy way out and try to just half ass everything Sonic. If you do, then things will never truly get easier."

"You sound like you went through this to. Like you cheated when you were younger as well." Sonic hinted at and he knew that Rogue would not be able to avoid telling the truth any longer.

"You're right. I did cheat before. Everybody does though. If you are wondering what over though, it was from a school test. But I felt bad for it and told my teacher the next day and the teacher let me take the test again without taking my grade away."

Sonic wasn't getting it. "Sometimes I just don't understand things." Sonic complained, and Rogue got up and looked at him.

"Well you better get things soon. What don't you even get honestly? I explained it to you pretty clear and to the point. It's not rocket science." Rogue walked away from Sonic. Leaving her young friend to think about what she had just told him. He finished the ice cream and threw the bowl in the trash. Then he started walking on home.

When Sonic was home, his younger sister, Marine the Raccoon greeted him right away. She was seven years old and wasn't allowed outside on her own for another few months. Until she turned eight. "Sonic, how was your time with Rogue?"

"Very complicated." Sonic replied and went to his bedroom. His parents Espio the Chameleon and Blaze the Cat were watching him go to his room in a slight angry pace. Espio stood up and walked over to his room. To see what the problem was.

"Sonic, what is going on? You just went right into your room without even speaking to us. Your mother got concerned for you." Espio said and tried to support Sonic as he started to refuse to listen to anything that his father would say to him.

"Father, I don't want to talk about it." Sonic snapped and laid on his bed. Blaze the Cat came in and wanted to see if perhaps she can do anything to help either of them. The only one that didn't do anything was Marine.

"Sonic, do you just need to go somewhere today?" Blaze asked Sonic and Sonic was too busy looking up at the ceiling. That still didn't stop him from giving a reply though. He just refused to look at his parents. "Yeah maybe that will be nice for me. Where to?" Sonic got himself up and off the bed. Espio looked at Blaze and they seemed to have a agreement.

"It's been awhile since we had a dinner with you. Let's go have a dinner. Just the four of us and have it be a family moment." Espio said and Sonic smiled. He loved going out with his sister Marine. More than going out with his parents honestly. So he got himself ready a little more excited when he was aware that Marine was coming with them.

Once they had dinner at the place they went to, it was getting relatively dark out and it was time that Epsio had to return back to home. So he can get the hours needed of sleep before he gets up early in the morning for his job. Outside, there was another man. He looked human, which was odd. As Sonic wasn't really too familiar with them. "Hello Robotnik. I was going to talk to you about the debt after work tomorrow. Can we do just that?" Espio suggested, and Marine whisphered to Sonic.

"What does daddy mean?" Marine asked and Robotnik told her to be quiet. Sonic stayed silent because that was what Robotnik told him. Blaze the Cat butted in.

"You don't talk to my children like that." She said and Robotnik shot her. She fell on the ground and Espio punched Robotnik in the face. Sonic ran away scared. Marine stayed there in shock. Robotnik told Espio that it was too late and killed him. Then to hide the evidence he killed Marine the Raccon.

He looked for Sonic for a little while until Sonic hid under a tree. He was panting in fatigue for a moment. Robotnik didn't look to see if Sonic was there or not, so he kept running by. Sonic was never the same again. When Robotnik was gone, Sonic left the forest and started to a different place. Any place at all was going to be better than the forest or on the hunt. He had lost his father, mother and sister. Why was he spared. When Robotnik was less than ten feet away from him and could take the kill without even thinking or blinking a eye. It didn't make any sense to Sonic.

Sonic was now at Tail's house a few hours later. Tails was only six and a half so he wouldn't understand what was going on all too well. But his father Jet the Hawk understood. He let Sonic live with them for a while. Until Sonic was old enough or there was another place that would take him in.

All of a sudden, a powerful goddess appeared before him and said these words: "Sonic, I've come to tell you that my unborn child is dying and needs a soul to save him before he fades away. Do you accept my offer?" Sonic nodded his head yes and let her distended stomach touch his head to begin the possession. As her unborn baby's soul made his way towards Sonic's body, the blue hedgehog himself began to change. He let out a monstrous roar as the baby's essence spread itself throughout his body and into his brain. His sclera turned a pitch black, his pupils began to glow a bright red, and his irises disappeared into oblivion. His teeth twisted into fangs and he was given the most ungodly strength imaginable. Not a minute later, the transformation/possession was complete.

This is also a true story and not finished.

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