Sonic.exe meets his match

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When we last left off Sonic.exe was killing off his last victim and you probably know the damn story already. So after Sonic.exe was finished killing off Tom he now awaits his new victim. Inevitably someone found the haunted disk. A hand of an Oklahoman soon picked up the disk that was lying on his front lawn. 

"Finally a new victim." said Sonic.exe.

The disk was inserted into the CD drive of a computer and the game began. As usual the game would seem to appear as the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game for the Sega Genisis only to show a "scary" screen for about a half a second at the end of the intro. 

"My new victim is in for a big surprise."said Sonic.exe in an overconfidnt manner.

The player first notices there is a select screen menu and he was given three chacrecters to choose from Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik. The player first chooses Tails. He notices that he was in the first level "HILL, ACT 1" which soon revealed that it was the first stage in Greenhill Zone. As the player porgrssed throuhout the level he notices that there where no enemies and there was the usual dead animals covered in blood (so scary). Finally the player reached Sonic.exe. Then Sonic.exe opened his eyes and the screen turned black.

The screen went black for about 7 seconds and then a message on the screen appeared and it read, "Hello. Do you want to play with me?"

The the player was taken to a diffrent called "HIDE AND SEEK". The player soon notices that Tails was being chased by Sonic.exe and if you know the story already Tail's doesn't make it out alive.

Then the player was taken back to the select screen and notices Tails was looking down all grey looking and is covered in blood so the player selects Knuckles and he was taken to a level called "YOU CAN'T RUN".It was the Scrap Brain zone with a red bloody sky. So the player makes Knuckles run and then he notices the red static and  blood spats in the level and finally the player reaches Sonic.exe. When the player reached Sonic.exe he tried to attack the demonic Sonic but no luck as Sonic.exe avoided all of the player's attacks. The battle ended with the cutscene of Knuckles crying and Sonic.exe attacked Knuckles and the screen went black with a screeching noise that lasted for three seconds.

Then a demonic voice came ot if the computer's speakers.

"You're a lot fun to play with kid, just like my last Victim Tom, though he didn't last long. Won't be long now until you join him and all my other friends.You can't run, kid. You're in my world now.... Just like the others."

Finally the player was taken to the select screen wqith only Dr.Robotnik as a selectable character. The player selected Robotnik and was taken to a level with nothing but stairs going only down. As the player goes down the stairs he notices the background turning red and when the player reached Sonic.exe at the end of the stairs the screen began to flicker and the screen began to show red static and after a couple on minutes the screen showed a horiffic image of Sonic.exe with the message that read.


But then Sonic.exe notices who was playing the game all this time. He couldn't beleive his eyes.It was a man wearing a cowboy hat and had a mustache and a beard. It was Chuck Norris.

"Oh crap please have mercy",said Sonic.exe in a panic.

Then Sonic.exe notices that Chuck Norris wasn't in front of the computer monitor anymore. he looks to his right and sees Chuck Norris in 16-bit form next to him with his cowboy hat partially covering his face and all of a sudden a 16-bit version of The Delta Force theme began to play in the background. Then Chuck Norris tilted his hat upwards revealing his eyes and says to Sonic.exe.

"So your God here huh? lets play a game. It's called Hide and go seek. Run now you worm."

In a panic Sonic.exe began to run away from Chuck Norris but it was futile.

"You can't run from me you little blue maggot.",said Chuck Norris.

Soon Chuck Norris captured Sonic.exe and grabed him by the neck.

"Please spare me!",said Sonic.exe in a desprate attempt to be free from Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris threw Sonic.exe into the sky. He pointed his index finger at Sonic.exe like a gun and he said,"Bang."

Sonic.exe exploded like a firework into a million 16-bit pieces.

And thus once again Chuck Norris won another battle.

The End.

Credited to CreepJohn 

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