Sonic Adventure 2: You've Done This

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So, I have had this SA2 on Xbox for about 3 or four months now (Note my GC version got way to scratched to play it anymore). So, one day I decide to replay the hero story.

I get to the truck part of the level, and about a minute or two into the level, I expect to see Big The Cat.

If you dont know, he appears in some level and cutscenes in the game as an easter egg.

But instead of Big, I see Silver The Hedgehog. And I thought it was cool (no, I was not a wimp and turn off the console and burn it -_-). I went through all the other levels, and as I see Silver, it looks like he is getting more mad each level.

When I got to the last level of the hero story, I was not facing Shadow. I was facing Silver before the battle. There was a cutscene between Sonic and Silver. I'll put it in the conversation.

Sonic: Silver how did you get here?!?! And where is Shadow?!?!

Silver: Well I've been stalking you since the truck chased you, and Shadow as well...

Sonic: Well WHAT?!?!?!??!?!


Sonic: WHY?!

Silver: Because you and him always steal the spotlight and I just want to have a turn to be the star... Forever.

And then the battle started.

I beat Silver, and I just thought I beat the hero story. But no, the battle restarted with Silver as Super Silver, and I couldn't move at all.

Somehow he kicked me out into space. Sonic was screaming hurdling towards Earth, and it did a close up of him when he got to Earth... He died. There was no blood, or anything.

Right before my Xbox froze, Silver said: You've done this Sonic, always stealing the stoplight.

I turned off my Xbox and started to sit on my bed to think of what just happened. Wait, I just heard a knock in my closet, let me go check it out.


Hey there, everyone! This is your favorite hedgehog, Silver! I suggest not looking behind you or in your closet. :)

Credited to Biblet02 
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