Sonic The Hell Killing Hog

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I'm a really big Sonic fan, I have been a fan for 5 years. My first Sonic game was Sonic Generations and I really liked it. So i thought it would be cool if i could play the first Sonic game. But, I don't have a Sega Genesis or Sonic 1. So i went to go look for some yard sales.

As i was walking down the sidewalk, i noticed a house that said "yard sale inside". So i knocked on the door and no one answered. So i just walked in. I saw this weird old man sitting behind this table with a box that said "Open Beware!". I was curious to see what was in the box, so i asked the old man what was in it. He didn't say anything when i said what was in it, he just made this really scared face looking at the box.So i opened it and inside was the first Sonic game and a Sega Genesis. I asked how much it was and he screamed really loud. The he said "GET THAT THING OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!" so i ran out as fast as i can to get home. Does he hate Sonic or something and, why did he scream?

So i am at home and, i have the Genesis hooked. I'm ready to play the first Sonic game ever made. Can i handle it? Should i play it? Will i be good at it? I'm not sure. So I'm at the title screen and Sonic looks sad for some reason. I didn't know why, so i started the game. It took me to Green Hill Zone as usual. However, the water in the background was red. Does that mean its blood? Or something else? Sonic was crying and there was hyper realistic blood on the ground. I pressed the A button and Sonic didn't move. I pressed all of the buttons and a text box popped up and said "RETURN THE GAME OR ELSE!!!". I was really scared what might happen next. I pressed the A button again and this time something horrible happened. Sonic got one of the little animals and drowned it in the lake of blood. Then Tails came crying really hard and then sonic had sharp teeth and bit Tail's head off. At that moment I turned off the game and returned it back to the old man.

I'm now going to go to bed. As I'm sleeping i can here a gooey noise coming from the living room. I walked in the living room and the Sega Genesis was leaking out hyper realistic red blood.


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