Sonic X-Treme Lost Prototype

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I am a huge fan of Sonic. I've been a fan of the video game series since I was 11 years old when the Genesis came out. When I heard of the release for the Sega Saturn, and when Sonic X-Treme was announced, I was excited. I couldn't wait. But instead, I got Sonic 3D Blast as a substitute.

17 years later, Me and my friends found a lost Sonic X-Treme lost prototype during the tour to Sega Institute. They said "You can have it. IT'S FREE." We went home, playing the lost prototype to Sonic X-Treme. We inserted it into our Sega Saturn and turned it on. It was very spooky and scary. Sonic barley looked like himself. He was all ploygoned. He was red instead of blue, and the background of the level looked like, blood...

The Saturn turned off and wouldn't turn back on. Red fog was coming out of the Saturn! It looked like BLOOD. Then I felt something wet on my arm....I looked and it was BLOOD.

And then a skeleton popped out.


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