Sonic the Hedgehog 1: Dead Hill Zone

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hey hey tonic from the future here. this was essentially my first creepypasta which is awful with every cliche you could need
have fun

DO NOT REMOVE THIS! IM ONLY STARTING TO GET GOOD! We all know Sonic the Hedgehog, well, he has a missing zone on his path.

Dead Hill Zone 0

One sunny day I was looking on Ebay for a Sonic the Hedgehog 1 copy, even though I hated Sonic 1 I still wanted it.

Suddenly I found a copy saying "Sonic The Hedgehog" the price was Free so I clicked "Buy" and I was done.

When the game came I was happy, but something was wrong, the game's cover was ripped off, all was left was Sonic's Shoe, sitting there alonesome, I saw blood on it, but I didn't care.

Dead Hill Zone 1

As I put the game into my SEGA gensis, the screen showed the normal title screen, all diffrent was Sonic was sad, he looked alone, his hand was doing a thumbs down and then the title screen went to the game, the title card was "THIS IS THE START ZONE"

The level loaded and I was playing as Sonic, he was still sad and his waiting animation was sitting on the ground, crying in fear, as I played the level, I noticed no music was playing, not even the title screen!

Reaching the goal post, I saw Eggman, he was out of his egg-mobile, he walked to Sonic and said in a speech box.

"Sonic, he's after me, don't go longer than this, or its your doom!"

"Why Dr.Robotnik?"

"He's mad, he's mad!"

Then the level ended, but the score went to -100. I thought "Strange, you can't go minus score..."

Dead Hill Zone 2

I was in a new zone, Dead Hill Zone 1, it was Green Hill Zone, but darker in color and the water was blood red, thunder was in the background.

When the time got to 3:00:00, Sonic did his dead animation, but didn't fall or jump, his eyes changed into what looked like Sonic.EXE, he screamed and got claws, he was now walking on his own...

His friends are dead...

He walked has he saw Miles "Tails" Prower, not enjoying everything around him, Sonic walked up to him and snapped his neck, he turned black, blood dripped from his eyes. Another text box appeared saying:

"What have you done? You should of done what Dr. Eggman said!"

"Shut up you fox!"

Sonic's eyes has blood dripping out now, as he walked up to Eggman, and kicked him into the ocean! The game froze, I ripped the game out the gensis, and the cover had that Sonic from the game, I threw it away and it broke.

Aftermath / Alive Hill Zone

After that I randomly fainted of a heart attack, I knew because my mum carried me to the hospital.

I did get out, luckly!

Hopefully I never see that cursed Sonic again, or even a sequel to the game.


He could be after me!

Wait, No...

Someone found the game, my next door neighbor played the game, all happened was Sonic fell down, and he said: "See you next DEVILISH time!"

He told me about it.

Want a Sequel?

Just ask me! I'm Tonic the Hedgefox!


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