Sonic two gone wrong

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One day I was going through my attic and found my old sega Genniss . I was sitting there remembering all the fun i used to have with it. I looked to see if I had any games, I diden't. So I decided to go to my local video game store called Just Press Play. I found a copy of Sonic two. I bought a copy of the chartrage for 1.99. I went home and started the game. The Sega logo came up and when the voice said "Sega" it sounded deep and demonic. the title screen came up looking horrable Sonic was smileing with mountians slowly crumbling in the backround. I pressed start and the level Emrild Hill Zone appered and the sky was pitch black. Then, red pixels started to fall from the sky, it looked like blood. one landed in front of Sonic and red pixels splatered everywhere, it looked hororfying. I began to move Sonic then I relezied Weres Tails!? I went through the level normally. Then, I saw Tails with spikes through his chest and in the backround I herd Dr .Robotnic laughing , all of a sudden spikes fell and killed sonic with bloo going every where. Then, I was spawned in cemical planet zone., with cemicals surrounding Sonic. Sonic drowned and he flew out of the cemicals and hit the ground coughing up blood and he said"you did this to me." and died. At this point I ripped the chartrage out and burned it.

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