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Walkin down the street, I saw a big truck when I saw a van that said free Wifi. "Hell Yes!" I said running torwards the van.

When I go to the van a man who was dressed up in a Pokemon suit that looked like a slowpoke said "Hey, so I saw you saw what I saw you saw." the man said.

I disreagarded the van and went to look for some other wifi place. Then when I walk near a Starbucks coffee shop, I see a sign saying free wi-fi. So I ran inside the place and ran my computer. Out of no where this guy slams me into my Iron computer.

When I looked up after I got slammed into the computer and regained conciousness I saw a man wearing a Slenderman mask along with a tux and a "Halo 4" hat with a bucket of melted iron. He just stood there forever and walked away only to bring back another bucket filled with smelted quiksilver and demonstrated what he would do to me on a dog. He poured quiksilver on his front legs and iron on the back ones.The dog was whining more than a baby being pulled out of a woman vangina. Then he started pouring quiksilver on my hands and iron on my legs. After that, he knocked me out.

When I woke up again, he was shaking his head. Then told me to move. I tried walking but I couldn't bend my knees. So basicly I looked like a retard. I moved my arms though and luckly realized that he didn't get my hands nor my elbows. I realized I could make a break but then he said " Now I am not alone. Spread the word, friend."

I found out he did it cause he was alone. I felt pity on him and said, "Sorry for what happened to you."

His arms were covered and ebonyand so was his feet. I then walked off to the nearest hospital to see if they could fix me. I never saw the man again, but I saw more victims. He will learn his lesson some day.

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