South Park: Ultra Mega Lost Episode

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One fine saturday, on a small rocky planet orbiting a yellow dwarf star, in the town of [Data Extracted], Texas, I was looking for some good old fashioned South Park episodes on the interwebz, because my sister died and I was feeling pretty good. I went to google, and went to the offical website. After getting there, I clicked on the "Coming Soon" episode. Then all my applications closed and my screen background turned into a trollface. I got pissed, because it usually takes me several hours to fix it, because I have brain damage and can't function properly. Anyways, after 9 hours and a few visits to the E.R., I discovered that I had a new file called "Bestest South Park evar". So after I clicked on it, it opened and a video started playing. The 4 main boys were standing there, just like normal, when Stan said "I heard there are others out there." Kyle responded by saying "Ya, and we have to get rid of them." I was liek "wat" but watched on. After that, the boys walked for a while, and they ended up in what looked like a military base, and they stole a Black Hawk helicopter. After about an hour, they landed in Springfield, climbed out, and proceeded to murder everyone in the entire town in 2 minutes. I literally shat myself and wondered what the fuck was up with them. Then, they went across the entire country and killed all of the other animated cartoons that took place there. It followed a pattern that went something like this: They would fly to the target, kill everyone with guns and other weapons, and leave for the next area. About half way through, Kenny started beating the girls before killing them, but that was the only change. Then, the boys killed all the shows, fictional or not, across the americas. I'm talking every show, even some that don't exist yet. Then, they went around the world, until every show on earth was dead. I'm talking EVERY show, ones that were well known, some that were so underground that it took me weeks to find them, and some that don't exist at all. Cartman said "Well, now what?" Stan responed by saying, "There are still others, and they must die." They took a few sci-fi devices, and went across the whole universe, and everything else, killing all life, until nothing was left. All of this, the extermination of all life, took 7 hours. After this the screen cut to black and said "There was a reason for all this killing, all other shows are inferior to South Park. Now thereis nothing left. So I say to you, watch this." Then my computer died, and a hyper realistic skeleton popped out. But i pushed it aside and stared out my window for a while. And the boys missed something. They missed us, our entire universe. And they will know, and they will come.

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