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OK so this creepypasta starts like this. A guy named Ned was checking through his childhood material trying to find SMB for the NES. But he couldnt find it anywhere. He remembered he had a neighbor (who was a hacker/ bowser fan) who lamented when bowser was killed by mario. So he stole Ned's game and hacked it using an nes cart to usb thing he invented. When Ned got the game back from the neighbor. He put it in the NES and ran it. The title screen showed up as normal but mario was sitting in a electric chair covered in blood and eyes out of his socket and peach was standing there as a police officer saying the condemed has been executed. Ned was creeped out by just the title screen. Ned pressed the start button and was greeted with an overworld from SMB3 although marios palette was all blood red just like the title screen. Also It looked like Death Row.

There were 2 worlds each with 6 levels one world was entitled Death Row and the other was entitled Death House as stated in the manual which was written by the neighbor. On death row mario was wearing a orange prisons outfit going through normal levels with music from other creepypastas and the background was filled with prisoners. Mario was followed by OfficerPeach from the title screen she follows you through the entire game. When he completed all 6 levels of tourture. He was greeted by the death house. He was followed by Peach AND Toad. Which followed u rampant. On the very final level (world 1-6)

It is not even a level it is a cutscene. Mario is led into a tourture chamber where he is put straight in the electric chair. Peach makes the necessary precautions and mario is electrocuted. Blood splatters on Toad and Peach. Marios eyes fell out of his socket. The game then started making REALLY LOUD noises and a deformed mario was shown on the screen.

Ned then said OMG I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS and BOOM he shot himself


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