Spider Troll

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.


Spider Troll, Spider Troll,

For getting whores, he's on a roll.

Got some boobs? Any size!

Join his group, you're his hero prize.

Look out! Here comes the Spider Troll!

Is he a pimp? Listen, bud

He's got sexually active blood.

Can he swing from a thread?

After fucking a whore in bed.

Hey, there! There goes the Spider Troll!

In the chill of night,

At the scene of a crime,

If there's whores involved,

He arrives just in time!

Spider Troll, Spider Troll,

Downtown neighborhood Spider Troll.

Wealth and fame, he's ignored.

His prizes are his whores.

To him, he gets some great big bangs

Where there's some whores with rags.

You'll find the Spider Troll!

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