Spooky spongebob episode!!!

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so i was a fucking intern at nickalodeon studios and i found a DVD and written in sharpy fucking marker as always it said spongebob spooky.

i laughed and put the dvd in the dvd player. dis was duh episude.

duh disgusting episude- it had no theme song and the title was named in real blood and guts spongebobs day in life. and around the letters was complete black.

it showed spongebob in his house with a machette and he cut open garys stomach and fucked his insides and laughed crazily. gary screamed. spongebob ripped garrys eyes off and shoved it in his mouth as blood poured all over duh floor.

patrick was then nocking on the door and spongebob went out with a morbid smile on his face. he then cut patricks stomach open and ate his intestines and fucked it. patrick then screamed and spongebob chocked patrick and smashed his heart.

squidward ran out of his house and spongebob jumped on him and sliced his throat and fucked it.

spongebob then shoved a knife up his ass hole. as squidward screamed spongebob laughed crazilly. squidward died and spongebob ate his face. it then showed spongebob going to work and mr. krabs yelled like a bitch and said spongebob you fuck your late hit head!!!!

spongebob stabbed mr. krabs in the stomach and mr. krabs died (no shit) spongebob then ate his heart.

spongebob was all bloody and maggots got on mr. krabs body and spongebob ate all duh maggots while laughing.

it then said duh endy in blud.

i was fucking i don't know after that.

and it got dissapointing- after that it showed all the chariters in the back ground filming a horror movie laughing together.


i was so dissapointed that it was all a big set up.

the last seconds showed all of them hanging out watching the movie they made.

I WAS SO DISSAPOINTED I HAS SEX WITH EVERY 25 TO 30 YEAR OLD WOMAN I COULD OF FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! (i didn't feel like fixing disapointed...)

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