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Today I decided to play spore. It was nothing out of the normal, except one thing...The creatures looked more realistic than normal. I decided to socialize with a nest of creatures, and one of my socialize tools were named "KILL" and that was weird, because stuff like that should be in an attack section. I was scared, so I decided to play space stage instead. I went on my spore save with a creature named "Tohed" and something was wrong with my homeworld, it was like a lava planet!

This was the same with all of my empire, and I decided to explore space... No other empires were there. This was getting very scary, so I went back to creature stage.

When I was attacking a nest in creature stage, my creature bled realistic blood when it was attacked, and the attack marks stayed on my creature until I came out of an egg again... Maxis, how did this happen?

Also, when a meteor hit the planet, the meteor shards were much bigger, and destroyed an entire nest when it hit one. The spaceship came, abducting creatures... Well not abducting them, the spaceship shot a laser at the creatures and exploded them, with blood.

In cell stage, the cells looked like normal cells because they had no face, but I couldn't get through the stage because of that.

This was getting too weird, so I left the computer, and nobody was walking outside, except for Spore creatures, the ones I saw while playing,and there was no other houses, there was just a lot of grass, plants, and nests outside. Did I get sucked into the Spore universe?

Many creatures tried to attack me, so I went inside and got one of my kitchen knives, so I could defend myself. And maybe get something to eat.... tasty.... delicious.... virtual..... creatures.....

Credited to Superguy163
Originally uploaded on October 16, 2011

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