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I shouldn't tell but i must. I was a worker at nickelodeon studios. I only worked there because my girlfriend worked there. We always had sex on the desk's there but that's not the point. The real point is there was a lost episode for sponegob.

THE EPISODE. Spongeboob celabrates twothousand-fuckeveryone-teen.

I thought this was a morbid joke made for the end of the year. Today was December 21st 2012. We were told to watch the episode. Earlier a man was fired for peeing in the bosses coffee. Ok's times to talk about's the episode. It started up the normal intro, but like it was a newly animated feel. Almost HYPER REALIST. It showed the title of the episode in black and white.

T H E F U K K I N E P I S O D E A L R E A D Y ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The episode showed spongebob getting ready for new years eve. Then squidward walks in with his squidward's suicide face. (Yeah i saw the episode.) Spongebob runs into his bedroom because he was being a pussy. And then an image of Jeff the killers face popped up. It stayed on the image for at least 10 seconds. It went back to spongebob in his bed. He look's out his window only to see that EVIL PATRIXXX was there. He was holding sandy's head with HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD coming from her neck hole. He then got a *how can i put this for you don't laugh. Erection is to funny.* Patrixxx got a boner and started to make sandy's head suck his boner.

Then an video from sonic.exe showed up. (Well not really a scene from sonic.exe but he was killing r41nb0w d45h. I didn't give a shit anyway, i hate mlp. so i laughed and then a moron ass brony left the room crying.)

Then it returned to spongebob. But this time he was at the Krusty Krab. Spongebob was yelling fo help but no one was there. He opended mr krabs office door and saw plankton and mr krabs doing god (or you) knows. My girlfriend vomitted. I wasn't very happy either. Mr krabs told spongebob that he was fired. Spogebob ran over weeny hut jrs.

Then another image showed up, this time showing a picture of everyone in the room that was watching the video. But it was a video. (TIME PARADOX!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Then it went back, spongebob was in weeny hut jrs., we heard buzzing in the office were the boss is. When he walked in the office.........A SKELOTON POPPED OUT SAYING HAPPY NEW YEARS BITCHES. Spongeboob said What the fu,then the skeleton blue up with HYPER REALISTIC BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD appearing on the screen. Laughter was heard in the background.Everyone in the room died except for me and my girlfriend.

T H E N W E F U C K E D T H E S H I T O U T O F E A C H O T H E R. BTW this is totally for reals.

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